Thursday, 12 April 2012

Real or Not Real

I saw it on the 2nd day of its release. Then after walking out I bought the whole series. I just needed to know the whole story you see and from experience I know the book always holds greater treasures than it's onscreen Hollywood adaptation. It was lucky I got them that day. The book store was out of stock and I was already finished billing when a fresh stock arrived and the store assistant came looking for me to let me know. I went home with The Hunger Games trilogy. The 1st book was good but I already knew how things ended. So I made it through lightly..
But I had a better glimpse at Katniss Everdeen and what exactly the bread Peeta gave meant to her. The bright yellow dandelions and the burnt bread.
Catching Fire is the most compelling book I have read in the longest time. I will not give away anything for those who haven't read it yet. If you think a YA book is not worth your time then let me tell you I thought the same before and I'm so glad I went ahead anyway. Even if I had not seen the movie that day I know I would have found the way to this one.
I finished Mockingjay in one breath it seems. I couldn't keep it aside. I had to know. I slept poorly the last 2-3 nights ( I remember preparing for and giving a viva exam on Great Depression somewhere in between) and I needed to know the end before another night hit me. I remember the stories I have finished at dawn break - there have been only 3 - and I remember those moments when I stared out the window watching the sun come up thinking about what just happened to me. It is the characters I love lingering on long after I have mulled over the story and what all it meant.
A good book, a good story can do that to you. I love Katniss, my heart aches for Peeta and Prim and every character you come across you are bound to be moved by them. Don't reduce it to a love triangle, this story
is about so much more. In contemporary YA literature you will come across very few like this one. In fact what I see between Gale and Katniss is only friendship because I know friendship. Her relationship with pretty much everyone else is a point of constant conflict in her mind at different points of the story. This is not a love story. This story is about rebellion, revolution, reclaiming who you are, coming to terms with what you have become and about hope and debts you can never pay off. I woke up a few hours back and tried to clear my head to read through this post I wrote in the morning in a state of heavy sleep deprivation and in a trance. I am still not recovered fully.
P.S.- I should let you know though Mockingjay could be disappointing. But, there was no other way it could have ended.


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“The bird, the pin, the song, the berries, the watch, the cracker, the dress that burst into flames. I am the mockingjay. The one that survived despite the Capitol's plans. The symbol of the rebellion.” - Katniss Everdeen


  1. I am very intrigued by the hunger games.... i didn't have the chance to read the books yet you know?
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  3. I have not read the book nor have I seen the movie! I am so behind!!! Most people who saw the movie said it was quite a good interpretation of the book!

  4. I just finished the first book since I didn't want to see the film prior to reading it. Your thoughts echo mine, and I savored the book after I put it down. I couldn't pick up anything else right afterwards. Though now, I do want to pick up the rest of the Trilogy! You are right that this goes beyond being a young adult novel, which is why I was intrigued enough to read it, and was very pleased with how well-written it was, and how it drew me into the characters and the nuances of its social commentary. I have been much more disappointed in (trashy) popular adult novels! xxx

  5. i saw the movie but i didn't read the book, it was good, my daughter is currently on the third book, she said she gonna tell me all about it, so i'm still waiting:)) good to hear that you are reading the whole serie, it must feel so good to have something looking forward to, happy reading!!

  6. lolz thanks for sharing this!
    i totally get the second to the last picutre.
    i haven't read the books and i am totally planning to. i think i have the e-book version that was sent to me not too long ago. :)
    me and my SO enjoyed the movie and talked about it for a long night. we love watching movies together,but not every movie does that for us.

  7. I been wanting to catch this movie but never have enough time in a day to squeeze some ME time. I'm definitely intrigued by it and just may have to settle for the books instead.

    <3 Marina

  8. thanks! nice blog ;) come back! :)