Friday, 30 March 2012

How To Do Pastel Hair (if you do not have chalk pastel)

I rarely ever do tutorials but I could not pass this one.
As I told you the only thing stopping me from doing the pastel hair colour was the lack of chalk pastels. For whatever reason nearby shops only have oil pastels with them. I have a play to attend tomorrow which my college mates are doing and I will be helping with make-up. I wanted the pastel hair so bad for tomorrow that I took it up as a challenge to improvise.

chalk pastel hair colour
What I used
  1. Colour blocks from an old water colour box (I had them lying around)
  2. A thick paint brush to water the hair
  3. Curling iron(straightening iron would work just fine)
What I did
  1. Took a small section of hair and twisted it
  2. With the paint brush I dabbed water on the twisted end of the hair. Made sure it was almost dripping wet
  3. Took a block of colour and rubbed it till I could see the colour on my hair
  4. When it was a bit damp and the colour seemed enough I used the mild hot curling iron

That's it guys. I hope the colour will stay till tomorrow. I have clipped it away carefully tonight.I didn't read anywhere how hairspray would affect the colour so I am not going to use it on the colour. It will wash away with shampoo. I don't think it will damage the hair because it is temporary. I can become addicted though.

chalk pastel hair colour

So what do you think?

P.S.- The colour stayed for about 20 hours. I washed it off when I came back. No visible damage was done. It didn't stain my hair. Don't forget to condition as this takes out moisture from the hair. I liked the blue the best. I think I will try out a better shade of green next time...and also try to improve from this attempt. I was happy with my 1st attempt nevertheless.


  1. i really like it!
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  2. Debi, you did a great job! I really like the blue! It truly stands out. The curling iron didn't effect the color either. Truly amazing! :D

  3. it looks good...but is it safe to use

    1. it doesn't penetrate the stays on superficially and washes off very easily..didn't do any's a temporary method that you do's an alternate version to chalk pastel..i give this a thumbs up on the safety scale!:)

  4. wow, these are amazing, so crazy but fun!!!

  5. Great DIY! I'm going to try it out this weekend!


  6. I think that's a fun look to try, and you can use as many different colours as you have paints for! Great DIY :)

  7. I love that you found a way to achieve the pastel hair colour! Hopefully it lasts :)

  8. Another cool hair idea! Thanks for sharing.

  9. interesting idea!!

  10. I think it probably worked better that it wasn't chalk. I think chalk (according to those other tutorials I've seen) rubs off faster.

    1. it had faded by then of course..and similar to the chalk method you have to be careful brushing it..that dusts the colour off..

  11. This is one of the most original, unique, and interesting DIY I've seen in a long time. I really like that it doesn't stain the hair or last as a permanent change. What a cool concept!


    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]

    1. wow!that is the awesomest comment/compliment i have received ever!!!thank you!

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  14. How fun! I work at a craft store, and was able to tell some girls about coloring hair with pastels. I haven't done it myself, but I've heard about it. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  15. I love this! So pretty! =)

  16. very trendy ;)

  17. Well done! It's like colorful clothing for the hair.
    Hope you're pretty much finished with your move. I am still searching for items that have strayed in various packing boxes :) xxx

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  20. Debi, you did a great job and loving the final result. Looks pretty.

    <3 Marina

  21. this is beautiful. I want to try it on myself and mydaughter who will simply adore it!

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