Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy Holi!

I am doing a quick post to wish all you guys a very Happy Holi!
Holi is the Indian festival of colours. It is also called dol ('d' pronounced as 'th' of the) or Basanta Utsab in Calcutta (where I live).It was a fun day and the prep started with filling up water balloons with coloured water last night. We were bursting into songs from time to time. WE sounded like howling cats and dogs as we rolled over laughing whenever a lame innuendo was passed or a balloon exploded ...
We played with dry and water colours. Buckets of water colours were poured on each other today. Water balloons were exploded on our heads,neck..where wasn't it! I am all pink and orange right now. I have few photos which I cannot upload because right now I am sitting in a friend's house.
Hope you all had a great day! Those who played holi I hope you guys had a great time!

You may get an idea of how we play and how we look on Holi from this photo I found on Google.
My colour is not going anywhere soon. :)!!


  1. Happy Holi with loads of gujhiya!!

  2. i wasn't aware of this particular holiday,so thanks for sharing, it seems super interesting

  3. hi dear!!
    happy holi!!

    oh this is so nice to read i am in love with the indian culture and i didnt know about this festival!

    in a month i will attend with my dance team a Bollywood dance competition and i am so excited! thank you for sharing this with us!

    kisses from greece :)


  4. Happy holi girl! :)

  5. oh wow!
    happy Holi, Debi! :D

  6. Happy Holi Debi! What fun girl and I love all of the colors!

  7. Happy Holi Debi! This is a new holiday to me, I first read about it on another blog, and I can only imagine the heightened level of festivities back home :)

  8. Hope to see more pictures of your day! Sounds so interesting as I haven't heard much about these festivities before. I love to learn more about other cultures and feasts!


  9. Happy Holi !!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Hope You Follow me 2 !!!!

  10. well, Happy Holi to you, from the picture, it looks pretty crazy but fun on this festival!!!

  11. those colors are literally brilliant! wish i could have joined in the fun.

  12. I know this is super late but Happy Holi to you!!! These colours look amazing! And crazy!!!! I'd love to do something like that too! <3

  13. always so interesting to read about India's traditions... it must be a wonderful festival full of fun..

  14. Thanks for sharing this! I've learned a new holiday. Super colorful and fun!

    Followed you through GFC and Bloglovin'