Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Style Inspiration - Through The Decades

Life always seems simpler when you were a kid. I have loved something from every decade in terms of fashion, culture or music.. My least favourite decade for some reason was the 50's till I discovered the counter cultures of that time. For me the 30's were a transition from 20's to the 40's. The economic slump had brought in a lot of restraint in clothing as well. An element of rebel and/or free spirit is all that is needed to please me. Here are some photos that represent that.

women boxing on the beach in 1920's

Pin up style with a twist of blue,reminiscent of 40's Hollywood glamour

1947 Dior Paris

Paul Smith and Balenciaga did their take on the 1950's teddy boy/girl subculture

Teddy fashion

60's-time for the sexual revolution-twiggy-gotta try this soon,have been thinking for years

1970's-80's glam rock icon David Bowie in an androgynous was different from the androgyny we see today

Love the vintage-y 90's feel

The horror punk inspired dark vibe is so cool here
Right now there's a major revival going on when it comes to our clothes. The kind of music we listen to, the shows and movies we watch influence us in a major way. What you wear is the easiest way to let someone know who you are or at least give them a glimpse of that. I was too busy running around in my sneakers and flat platforms and raising extra hell for my mom throughout the 90's and 2000's (Y2k, that didn't sounded odd to me then also).. The anti fashion era is what I grew up seeing, loose grungy attire and attitude is what I was mostly around. And the TV shows back then were so awesome. Now most of them are unwatchable. I also wore these rubber sandals with ankle straps and loved them to pieces.
Which is your favourite decade and why?

And here's a parting photo..found it funny..
bloggers - what people think you do


  1. I realized a few years ago that I like the 60s, but after seeing posts like yours, I really love older fashion. I too grew up around the 90s grunge and I think that that style couldn't possibly be more different than my own.

  2. the 50s seem like such a glamorous time! i would the fashion during that time!

  3. These are all such inspiring and iconic looks. love the teddy fashion. great post:)

  4. My favorite decade is probably the 40s as well. Love the fashion, the hairstyles, and the make-up as well. I love that collage of what a fashion blogger is all about !

  5. Great Flashback on the pst decades style!
    Love it :D

    Kisses xx

  6. great post!!really interesting and so true!!

  7. LMFAOOO at the bloggers collage! That is so true Debi! LOL I really enjoyed reading this post. I don't know if it's because I was so close to my grandparents, parents or more but I have a love for a couple of the past decades. It's like I soaked in all of their likes. It's really interesting, because I see a lot of these styles reappearing in fashion today. I have three favorites. I love the 1920's structured short bobs, flapper style dresses and hats. I love the suits and dresses of the 1940's. I adore the full skirts and full dresses of the 50's. I sometimes wish I was born in one of those decades. They are so me!!! Thanks for making my mind go on a blast from the past fashion trip. I love it girl! ((HUG))

  8. I love looking at style through the decades. In some ways, it has changed A LOT. In others, not so much.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. i like 40's as well.
    not a big fan of 90's it's prolly because i went to college during that time. lol (don't do the math, debi)

    the last pic is really funny!
    i know fo sho i do the first one. haha :D

  10. I love 70's because of the freedom people had at that time. They could express themselves in any way :)
    I'm following you, return love back?


  11. just love your review :it is interesting to see how fashion evolve throughout the decades. As for me, i prefer the elegance of the 50's :)

  12. Great pictures you chose to illustrate this. I love fashion through the ages, even going back to the Renaissance and beyond! There is always something to admire in each decade. Except perhaps the '80s. I can't think of anything I like from that era. Oh wait, I guess I loved the colorfully creative punk look by ladies like Madonna which was counterculture to preppy folks like my family! xxx

  13. Loving this post girl and specially to see how style keeps evolving and sometimes or most of the time comes back!! I love everything but definitely would of loved to live in the 50's!

    <3 Marina

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