Friday, 24 February 2012

Shoe Love - Platforms and Wedges

Many of you either absolutely or "most ardently" hate chunky shoes..I have been a flat platform lover even when I was a pre-teen...and I have been obsessing over creepers since last year. If I could I would buy one immediately.. I have yet to debut a new pair of black platforms that I got recently.
Platforms never really went away, they kind of fall out of fashion for a while but they keep coming back. The flat platforms have more or less uniformly thick soles whereas wedges have a sort of narrow portion (like a wedge!) and that's what makes an already out of balance person like me fall down and twist their ankle (*cough*happened last month..still afraid to step out on heels*cough*)..I have tripped countless number of times in my life. My knees are testimonies to that. Once I ripped my jeans at the knees..once I bruised both knees and palms ... aren't I the epitome of grace?
Many people confuse platforms and wedges. While shoes with wedge heels may have platform soles, the two features do not always appear together. When they do, they're considered "platform wedges."Wedge heels were introduced by Salvatore Ferragamo introduced wedges in the 1935..(platforms have been around since ancient times fyi).
Chunky Platforms on Celebs and on the Runway

Celine Green Platforms via Garance Dore

Platforms, bracelets & whole lotta attitude via the Man Repeller

White Platform Sneakers(*correction thanks to Cody)

Cacharel Platforms - I like the black one more(surprise surprise I prefer black)
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - Platforms and Pumps

So do you prefer rocking out in chunky platforms or killer stilletos?


  1. To be honest stilettos are more elegant and feminine.
    It's difficult to find nice wedges but they are easier to walk.
    Have a nice weekend!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. I didn't know about ferragamo's involvement! I love both wedges and heels as you have noticed, you can hop from one to the other!!

  3. Hey songbird thanks for visiting my blog!
    Nice post! I must say its hard to choose, i love stilettos and platforms!!
    I'm now following you and if you want you can follow me at
    xoxo Jadina!

  4. I think i am definitely more of a stiletto fan, but I do like wedges for more of a casual look! I think it just depends on what you are wearing but I can definitely see you as more of a platform fan :)

  5. Hey Debi! I really love the chunky. HAHAHA They keep me stable for I am definitely accident prone. PLUS they look good! Skinny heels put a hurtin on me even though they look nice. Love the ones on here. Have an amazing weekend love!

  6. I prefer to rock a chunky platform for they're more comfortable! I know I'm such a lazy lol.
    btw thx for your comment on my blog! I'm following yours now :)

  7. AAAAhhh platforms are adorable! Too bad I can never wear them with my tall frame :( ! Well, Nice blog! Thanks for commenting, i am glad you like Downton Abbey, and of course we can follow each other! Following you now!

  8. Great post,I like them!!!Kisses from

  9. I like platforms in stilettos. I don't think I'm a fan of flatforms but chunky shoes have really been growing on me.

  10. I love both, dependin of the situation. I liked the post so much :)

  11. i was paying a lot more attentions to wedges lately, looking for a bright color ones for summer:))

  12. I've worn platforms for so long, I was happy when they came back in style! Clunky shoes actually suit me better given my big, muscle-y calves. But I did wear stilettos during those Sex and the City days ... xxx

  13. i prefer the platform!
    thanks for your comment, nice blog! :)

  14. Hi Debbie!! Sorry I been MIA but making the rounds and visiting my favorite blogs now and of course yours is included!! :))

    Great post and I'm a lover for any sort of shoes!!! LOL

    <3 Marina

  15. love this post too. I really like platforms but definitely prefer stilettos.

  16. Cute post but the white shoes aren't creepers at all, just platform sneakers. I own both, and they are very very different lol.

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  18. Hi,

    congrats on being voted into this week`s Links a la Mode!

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best, Jenny

  19. It really depends on the occasion for me! I can't help but love both! I'm not a fan of flatforms and creepers but I do love a good chunky wedge!

    Rhona :)

  20. wow!! nice history lesson :) i wasn't sure what this style was called... obviously is a platform but i've also heard the term flatform?

    have you seen the BCBG nude ones? i'm craving, badly.. want them to go on sale soon >.<

  21. I love chunky platforms...they go with way more than stilettos!

  22. Wedges maybe one trend which I have been following ever since it had a revival. Totally adore the Steve Madden ones..tad expensive but I can sell my kidney for them. Totally.
    Love your blog!
    Following you!

  23. Wedges are amazing!
    Love this blog girl

  24. I like wearing wedge shoes daily, they are stylish and elegant. I just bought a new pair from