Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hangman is Coming Down from the Gallows

We all have our moments when we hide away from others. It is so strange that we all exist in our own ways, in our own worlds and even the closest one can be unaware of all that is inside.
You may look at a picture and never know what that person was thinking at that instant. You may feel terrible reading about the death of 100 random strangers in a crash but never really know who they were or how their lives were like. All they will ever be to you are numbers. Stories, as if they never even existed.
I am trying to drown out the world right now. I am trying to hide from the thoughts in my head right now. I am trying to blur out the memories in my mind right now. I am trying not to hear what is happening outside of this realm I am inhabiting right now.
Loud music that calms me down and obliterates every other speck of dark thought is my sole medicine, my only escape, my only refuge in this solitude..
If you want a somewhat moody play list for a somewhat blue evening..this is my second play list (play list 1)..and again it is a random impulsive one..
  1. Make Believe in Miracles by The Burned
  2. E.S.T by White Lies
  3. Renegade by Styx (as you can tell if you are a Styx fan the title of this post is from this song)
  4. Numb Piano by Linkin Park
  5. Down by Jason Walker
  6. Weight of Us by Sanders Bohlke
  7. Cosmic Love by Florence & The Machine
  8. Sigh No More by Mumford and The Sons (if you have not heard M&S then do yourself a favour and do so soon)
  9. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley (the most soulful version out there I think)
  10. Towers by Bon Iver (again catch up on Bon Iver if you haven't yet)
 Your paradise may not be mine, mine may not be yours ... but music will be a refuge for us all

 A bonus of my favourite love songs(I don't have many)


  1. Keira is so gorgeous!
    That's true we all have ups and downs...
    Try not to be affected by things around you, put some music and travel away...
    Miss Starshiny

  2. I think it's healthy, to retreat every once in awhile. It's only when we stay that way permanently that it's a problem. With society the way it is today, I retreat a lot. HaHaHa Nice songlist Debi! I will have to check them out :)

  3. hi! great playlist didn't know most of the songs so thanks, my fav the one from florence and the machine xxx

  4. Hey Debi, you ok? I am a bit concerned with this post....

  5. Great songs! I always have a tendency to get too caught up in world events- sometimes my entire day will ruined over something going on 4000 miles away! It's a huge bummer, but there's always music:) Love your blog!



  6. Always love a great playlist!! thanks :)

    love K

  7. I hope you are doing well. Sometimes, we need to take a break from everyone and everything. And yes, music is a wonderful refuge! I wonder who the first human was who created the first music? xxx

  8. I often use music as an escape and I know the feeling often times. Sometimes if I just need to unplug from my real life I'll plug in the music. These are all great songs, some are new so I need to check them out :) You would LOVE deep dish pizza :)

  9. i like those songs on your list! and the photo is cute!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  10. hey Debi :)
    i am back to listen to your choice of music.
    (one at a time..i am listening to no.1 and i am in love. :))

    i might have missed it before..but i really like what you wrote in your "hello!" section. i just started to realise myself how weary those meaningless comments make me feel. i am hoping i don't do that to others intentionally.

    have a nice weekend! :D

  11. Keira Knightley looks heaven here :)
    Numb,Hallejujah, and Tower are some of my fave song too!


  12. great songs' recommendation dear! down, cosmic love, and hallelujah are also my favorite songs <33

  13. thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    love the playlist & the pic ;)

    Corinne xo

  14. love the playlist and Keira's pic, she is always so fab.

  15. I usually do the same too Debbie and used music to escape from reality! Great playlist.

    <3 Marina