Sunday, 8 January 2012

I Sparkle (well my nails do)

I do enjoy my sparkly nails right now. I remember hating glitter on nails when I was in school. Then again I have changed a lot since then.

I got this top in (I think) September or October from Shopper's Stop. My best friend picked this out while I went around the store finding nothing. Never got around doing a post about this.

Remember my boots? They are from Catwalk

I am wearing my Levi Curve ID jeans which I really liked when I bought them. But after a few washes the colour faded and it is not very well fitted. The whole  hype for them was how it fit curvy women perfectly. I have had better fits with other brands like Lee and random other brands. I will say I am still in love with my red lip colour though. And aren't my nails looking dreamy? Oh yes the photo's edited but still I'm telling you the Revlon 413 Belle is an absolutely beautiful nail enamel. The bottle itself is so pretty I stare at it and sigh at its glittery, shiny awesomeness (ever since I have seen Kung Fu Panda 2 I have been using that word quite often) sometimes. And I am wearing my Avon silver toned cuff.
I know there's a lot of sequin/metallic love going on right now. And most of you have something in either gold or silver or both in your closet. Which one do you prefer- silver or gold?


  1. my favorite is still Bare which fits me perfectly and I still cant get over the fact that after gazillion washes its still perfect.