Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mini Arm Party

Do you guys know what an arm party is? The term was perhaps first used by The Man Repeller to describe the unique way of stacking up your arms with a plethora of bands and bangles in many shapes and patterns. Most often there is a theme. I remember on my college fresher's day wearing a bunch of bangles in different textures on my left arm. This week's BDIB challenge of Pretty Shiny Sparkly is to rock out an arm party. Since I couldn't take part in the last one I was determined to take part in this. Today was a friend's birthday and it was a casual lunch. With a casual attire I wore a themed Silver & Gold arm party. I already wear 4 rings; 2 silver ones on my left hand and 2 gold ones on my right. All married Indian women traditionally are supposed to have an arm party going on everyday; but with changing times this has changed and women wear what they like now. Some wear just a couple of thin gold bangles others choose to stick with their set of "shankha and pola". Even the "shankha and pola" come in different varieties; some are plain and some have delicate gold patterns which may or may not come with stone work or enamel work. Indians love their fair share of all things gold and bling and excess when it comes to jewellery :-D!

gold toned earrings from Accessorize

gold bangle(belongs to my mum but I wear it since this is my favourite),silver&gold toned watch

creepy eyes peeking through

Vero Moda neck piece,blue top from Westside(also seen here Click)

Debuting my Levi jeans.and when I thought I have given up on jeans that fit me I found this.

1.Designer Agnimitra Paul having an arm party in traditional bengali attire(jewellery from A.K. Sircar)
2. "shankha" with gold and enamel work
sources of these 2 photos-google images

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Somethings with a Mystery

I have mentioned that I love cinema. I don't claim to be an expert but I know enough to know what I am talking about most of the times. Cinema and fashion can be generic and out there for mass entertainment and adulation. I love my kink and kitsch but I also get absolutely fascinated and awe-struck with any form of artistic display which goes beyond what is obvious and takes on a different form. There's is a hint of mystery in it when it is a story in disguise of a beautiful picture; movies are pictures in motion after all. I know not a lot about paintings and therefore I don't speak of it much. I am a hedonist at heart and a cynic in my mind. I appreciate irony and smile gleefully when I catch a double meaning in anything that seems to be most simplistic. Life is all about irony and paradoxes. We are all righteous, we are all hypocrites. We choose what we show others about us no matter how much we claim to be open books. But once we start telling the world about the things that fascinate us we reveal a bit of who we are beneath our shells; some shells as fragile as an egg shell some as hard as concrete. Some photos which perhaps share what I am and can be or was but left open to your interpretation which in turn shows you...

Fellini's la strada is perhaps 1 of my the favourite films

from a walk i took with my best friend one evening

Light_and_Frost_by_Greeneyes155(from a fellow blogger's blog,I will update info if i can remember her blog id)

The clinic THE FACE march 1997 Honor Fraser and Cali Rand by Sean Ellis, style by Isabella Blow

TheclinicTHE FACE march 1997 Honor Fraser and Cali Rand by Sean Ellis, style by Isabella Blow


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A letter to my best friend,my you-know-who,my I-will-be-a-bluetooth-&-a-confession-box-for-you

Come rain or shine whenever you ask me to move my fat ass because you want me to be wherever the hell you want me to be I will oblige. When internet trolling won't suffice I will call you up and mess with you and get scolded like a kid every time because that much you mean to me. I will deliberately slurp my drink in public when only the melting ice is left at the bottom of my glass because that annoys you so much. I will slouch and wear stuff you pull a face at just because you will make a face at me and shake your head. I will do the ninja chops and chicken dance while you are around because only you deserve that torture for sticking around for so long... I will blow in the phone and say "It wasn't me!!It was the phone!!" and smile like a gleeful kid with the mastermind. I will pretend like I know I am right while I know I am not just so that I don't give you the satisfaction of saying "I told you so!"; you say that 365 and a 1/4 days in the whole year and thank you knuckle head for it! *rolls my eyes* because you thought that in your head.

You will ask me to criticize you and end up taking them all as compliments and I will end up with a face like *oh why me bothers!*. You will kick me promptly when I complain that I can’t walk and my legs hurt and I will jump on you with a face like *world war3 woot woot woot*.We will argue and keep the phones down, then 3 hours later you will call me and say “I am bored you jackass” and my sour face will do the conga so happy that instead of ding the ninja dance you called me the hobo hoot. I will call you at 4am and ask you if you are asleep. I will call you when I know you are sleeping and try to talk because I love it when you don’t have a fricking clue later on about what you said.

We don’t call each other bitches because that’s not a term of endearment in any universe; even the parallel ones I sure which exist with you & me there together.

For one I love so much all dirty words won’t suffice to express the nasty love I have for you *come to mommy come hither looks to be inserted here*

I am an ass so are you

We are the world champs in deedle dee doo

O oh I love you

*Now give me my bear*

P.S-I am having some blogger problems and that's why it took me a while to post anything. In the mean while I have been feeling weird lovey-dovey toward my best friend and felt like doing this.
This is the photo I tagged her in on facebook!! She went "e-w-w-w" :-D

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Outfit Post !

The sale season is on and of course that means most people will get new things added to their closet. For me it is a bit harder to find stuff which fits me well and doesn't look like I borrowed it from my great grandmother's second aunt. On top of all that I need to get things which I can wear in the humid heat, wear to college if i want to or to some casual outing with friends. I finally got myself a decent pair of jeans which the tailor  hasn't returned yet. Here are 2 tops I got which I have layered together with my black leggings

blue top from westside,white vest from latin quarters,black leggings

silver hammered cuff from Avon

close up of the details on white vest.chain on the sleeves and studs on lower half.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

"Fried Chicken" & "Egg Sandwich with Olive & Tomato sauce"

The magical journey of Harry Potter came to a close with the 7th book and yesterday with the first day first show I witnessed the end of a magical celluloid journey. I am so hungover that I have been youtubing HP since then. So instead of an outfit post I am gonna share a couple of easy recipes today. Plus all my pants are currently at the tailor's for altering!
The 1st one is a very common fried chicken recipe
  • standard sized chicken breasts
  • salt,pepper and lime juice(I used a concentrated lime juice available at markets) for marination
  • crushed biscuit for coating (I used standard Marie biscuits)
  • oregano for garnish
 Marinate the chicken and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Heat some oil(so that the butter doesn't get burnt) and butter in a pan (this is not a healthy recipe so use ample amounts of butter following in the footsteps of Nigella Lawson, my goddess!). Coat the chicken pieces with the crushed biscuit and fry the chicken till each side is cooked. The biscuit will give it a yummy crunch and you make it through to the juicy interior. Sprinkle with oregano and serve!

Now the Egg sandwich with olive and tomato sauce is a healthy & light yet tasty.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Tears for your Goodbye

For all potter maniacs a very bittersweet time is approaching. It all ends on 15th July with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I have been on the verge of tears every time I have seen the trailer in the past weeks. I can't wait to watch the film and at the same time I don't want it to end. An outfit post was also overdue and here is one inspired by this feeling for Harry Potter. I have grown up with the whole world in my head just like every other muggle (still) waiting to get a letter from Hogwarts. Harry,Hermione and Ron will forever be in my heart.♥

 here are the photos

black top from pantaloons,purple skirt from westside,shoes from local store

P.S- thanks a ton to Haze of Shades of White for giving me this award. I will make a proper post very soon:)

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Friday, 8 July 2011

Shakshuka Recipe

the sea at Andaman Islands
Last October we went to the picturesque Andaman Islands and we stayed at Havlock Island for a few days while there. Apart from Indian tourists this place hosts lots of foreign tourists,mostly Israelis, and one day our parents asked for the most famous breakfast item among the Israelis. This is where I first heard of the dish Shakshuka. My mother liked it so much that she had it every morning we stayed there while I would gobble down either choco chip pancakes, everyday! I recently got my hands on the recipe and added a few items of my own choice to it as I grew confident enough to cook it properly.
Shakshuka is a dish of Tunisian origin and means "the mixture" and is quite popular among Israelis, Morooccans. It is mainly eggs poached in a tomato sauce and is a breakfast dish and you can have it just as it is or with bread.
Best things about eggs is that they are so versatile and you can cook it in so many delicious ways.
This is a very easy and delicious dish.

  • Olive oil
  • jalapenos
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 big tomato(with the juice)
  • chopped garlic
  • cumin powder
  • red chili flakes/powder
  • 2 eggs
  • water
  • salt
  • slices of flavoured sausages (I used cheese and jalapeno sausages)
  • cheese for topping
 This recipe is for 1-2 people
Heat 1 table spoon of olive oil. Add the chopped onion and cook till transparent. Add the chopped jalapenos(according to how spicy you want). Cook for 3 mins and add the garlic,red chili flakes/powder,cumin powder and cook for 3-4 more mins. Then add the chopped tomatoes and boil it. Add salt and water and reduce it so that it doesn't dry out totally. Now add the slices of sausages in a circle. (you can add pieces of bacon if you like). Now crack the eggs on top of this carefully so that the yolks don't break. Mash the white part with the tomatoes (not to heavily,just press it down with a fork). As soon as the eggs start setting in cover this up for 2 mins or till the eggs are done.
Serve hot with cheese and bread of your choice.

here's a shot of Calcutta from up in the air
This is the link to the main recipe I got from smitten kitchen - link

Have a great day! :D

Friday, 1 July 2011

What I Wore Today

I went out to get a birthday gift for a friend and dressed very casually in a faded blue jeans and a white t-shirt with graphics in the front. I had no make up on except kajal(Revlon eyeliner pencil,crayon pour les yeux,black) and lip balm(Avon raspberry lip balm).

Lee Cooper shirt, faded blue denim from shopper's stop

Accessory-wooden bangle from street shop and I am wearing inc5 flat sandals(not shown)

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