Monday, 30 May 2011

Partie de Campagne by Jean Renoir

I have my 1st film studies exam tomorrow and i just watched this Renoir film based on Guy de Maupassant's short story. Maupassant was Jean Renoir's father, Auguste Renoir's(he was a leading painter in development of impressionist style) friend. 
This was like a piece of beautiful poetry. Just like a painting which once you see, you never can forget.
Have you seen this? Have you seen any other Renoir films? Who are your favourite auteurs?

These are my favourite portions, most lyrical ones - where Henriette speaks so passionately about the countryside and when she sees Henri again after all those years, the unspoken emotions visible on her face.

The ending was so poignant. Renoir didn't finish the film. It was later put together. I wonder what would have happened if he had finished it himself or if we never got to this ever.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

15 minute Microwave Cheesy Chicken with Chives Recipe

I was supposed to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 yesterday but astonishingly both my best friend and I managed to actually sleep through all our gazillion alarms, a new feat even though we are both very lousy early risers; usually the alarms do the trick and wake us up somehow. Magic perhaps?!
I had done something to my hair to get some oomph in it(to put it in a way) because i knew there wouldn't be much else happening. As it turned out the plan was cancelled but I did go out in the evening with my mother(bleh!) and got the ingredients for this recipe. I had very little time so i got some low light photos only. 

Here is how my hair looked-

I actually have poker straight hair

We did go today. Love you Mr.Depp ♥♥♥♥..If only i could actually ever say that to him in person!

Ingredients: 1 large boneless chicken breast(chopped in cubes).mushrooms,chopped onion whole,half of a big tomato,dried chives,sliced carrots,butter,salt. For marinade:fresh yogurt(home-made or store bought),1 cube of sour cream & onion cheese,dash of lime juice,salt,pepper,a table spoon of chives.
Process:Make the marinade and dip the chicken in it and keep in the freezer for 10mins and if you have time you can keep it for an hour in the normal part of the fridge. While the chicken is in the fridge saute the mushrooms in butter along with the onion and tomato and a teaspoon of chives at the end for about 5mins. Steam the carrots for 5 mins or till it is cooked but make sure it does not lose its crunch. Sprinkle some salt on it so that it doesn't taste bland. The main work is done. Now just glaze a microwave-proof bowl/plate with butter and put the marinated chicken in the micro in the micro-grill combo mode at 450W for just 5mins and it is done. Serve up hot with any kind of bread you like.
Tip: To make sure the chicken doesn't lose moisture I covered it very lightly with some butter paper.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fatshion Inspirations

I believe I was always a well dressed person. I had an eye for things which were age appropriate but had a good appeal to the aesthetic senses. I was always aware of fashion and style but i was never too bothered with what is "in" or "out".

"I cannot agree with the painters who claim superciliously that a layman can understand nothing of painting, and that he can best show his appreciation of their works by silence and a is a manifestation of emotion, and emotion speaks a language that all may understand. But I will allow that the critic who has no practical knowledge of technique is seldom able to say anything on the subject of real value."-from "The Moon & Sixpence" by Maugham.

This quote which I came across recently in the book I am reading seemed could be used to describe any form of art and fashion is very much a form of art. Your individual style is a form of self-expression. Even if you think you don't care about appearances that checked shirt and nerd glasses you wear or the cotton shirts and kurtas you wear is definitely a way to tell the world a bit about who you are. I believe in looking good on occasions. Looking polished, prepared and appropriate for any good job nowadays requires the kind of knowledge I believe I have and so should everyone because the company is hiring not just your talent you are going to be someone representing the company. I don't believe wearing only branded clothes makes you a good dresser, it is mostly what you make of what you have got. Smart dressing is the key.
Being a fat girl I have often been frustrated while shopping but i have also found great pieces. Lots of slimmer people I know dress quite shabbily but they believe they don't. There's nothing wrong in dressing in whichever way you want but you should not have delusions about it because more than often these are the ones who criticise other's clothes and that is not fair. A person should never be judged on appearances.
Big Girl in a Skinny World was a column by a stylist named Ashley Falcon in the Marie Claire website that i came across after random googling about curvy fashion.There were some blogs she suggested about fatshion bloggers and i was introduced to this whole new world of fabulous fatshionistas who are not afraid to love and wear awesome clothes and call themselves fat outright rather than use the euphemistic term curvy to talk about themselves. Even a skinny girl can have curves, because curves are about proportions not size. I am a US size 12-14 and I don't think I have ever been any lower than that. I may crib about my body sometimes but I have always been very comfortable in my skin and I have enough confidence to not cringe when someone calls me fat. Here's a fun fact- I am fat! And i can rock clothes which a lot of haters can't!
All you people who patiently read this (or skipped portions) go out there and rock what you wear with aplomb be it casual plain i-don't-care-about-dressing-up outfit or a chic in your face outfit.Skinny,curvy,fat or whatever you are love your self and let the haters talk to the hand.

My Fatshion Inspiration-

Young, Fat, & Fabulous --i have read every single post in her blog!

Some other fatshion blogs i drop by- --i follow her on

Monday, 23 May 2011

Chicken Pasta Soup

chicken pasta soup.i had this for dinner.result of culinary experiments with my best friend in the kitchen.

 Recipe:- Sweat onions in olive oil.Add chopped tomatoes and red bell pepper.After 2 mins add chicken broth,stir for 5mins.Add chopped cilantro stalk.After it has started boiling add Conchiglioni(or any kind) pasta and boil for 5mins.Add pre-boiled chicken pieces.Add spinach leaves and cook for 2-3mins or till the leaves are wilted.Add salt and pepper according to taste.Serve with grated cheese.

nail colors-Avon classic fit(it's a dark blue colour),colorbar usa blue lagoon 05 by vernisa ongles.
I am wearing these currently respectively on my toes and fingers.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

sonam kapoor at cannes 2011

Sonam Kapoor in Jean Paul Gaultier

Sonam Kapoor in Jean Paul Gaultier

this is a Masaba Gupta(designer daughter of Nina Gupta and cricketer Viv Richard's) design.i wasn't a fan of this till i saw it's stunning back.(photo from
sonam kapoor

White maxi dress by The Row,Chopard jewellery,Leiber clutch,Ferragamo her pink lips,black nails and Frida Kahlo like updo.wish i had a better photo.
Many bloggers have been giving updates about their favourite Cannes red carpet appearances. So all those who don't know Sonam Kapoor, she is an Indian actress and an absolute style icon. She's the daughter of Anil Kapoor, famous Indian actor who played the character of the game show host in Oscar winning "Slumdog Millionaire". This is her debut at Cannes and she's there as the L'oreal ambassador.
Another exciting news for me is that an Indo-French co-production treaty has been signed which will promote exchange for talent. New arenas opening up for Indians anywhere is always a positive news to me. This agreement will encourage film collaborations between France and India. It has more flexible terms than the previous co-production agreement signed between the two countries on 16 January 1985.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

fatshion and an Indian summer

i am sharing this primarily because i wanted to tell how i got this photo. i had a different idea of doing the hair. i tied it up but the extreme heat and humidity just made it impossible to get a decent picture. so i opened my hair, about to give up and i saw how there was so much volume at the crown and i instantly went *click*click*click* was only later when i uploaded the photos on my PC that i noticed the fan made the bottom of the dress look like that..but i like this dress and love how the photo turned out with my limited resources(timer and a stack of books which go unread till the night before an exam). in a city like kolkata i am not sure it is possible to wear this out without a bolero jacket but till i get one fit for this summer this will adorn the shelf of my wardrobe. the reason why i created a lookbook account is also something i will share along with the names of all the fatshionistas out there who inspired me to look at fat fashion in a new way. one fatshionista blog which i read regularly is listed in my blog list.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

this is how you do sexy!

Adele born as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a may born taurean, turned 23 just last week on 5thmay. I love her voice. She won 2 Grammy awards at the age of 18, a month before turning 19. And guess what! She was named one of richest British and Irish music stars under the age of 30 this may. She is one of those rare people who can move you with her powerful voice. Lesser mortals like you and me can only dream of being so talented. I love her style and she just looks gorgeous every time she performs on stage. She is a stunning lady.
This is what i am doing rather than studying for my "Transformation in Early Modern Europe" paper. Due on Tuesday!! *maniacal_laugh*
Keep rolling in the deep or try and set fire to the rain; mark my words you will try in vain because only Adele can do such awesome-tastic things.

not feeling groovy yet?
this is how you do not photoshop and distort an amazingly beautiful lady like Adele!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Women and Fashion in 1920's

flapper girl

1920's bridal attire

Nancy Cunard.she devoted her life to fight against racism and fascism going against her family's traditional values.a muse to several great literary and artistic minds in the early 20th century.
Clara this photo her clothes and make-up represent every change that came about in 1920's fashion.

liberal women embracing 20's fashion

I thought i would make another post of  vintage photos but this turned out to be mostly about the 1920's. In that decade women gave up their constricting dressing styles. In 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment gave most women the right to vote in the US. Though India had to wait till 1950,the 2nd wave of feminism was happening around this time, for this to happen,mainly since it was a colonial state till 1947.
 I personally love the hats from any era but these were bold style statements. Imagine how sensational it was that you could see women's bare legs out in the public for the first time in centuries. Women became more active and hence needed more practical clothing.
Coco Chanel was the most influential figure in fashion embracing short hair,incorporating men's clothes in a female wardrobe and discarding the corset. Elsa Schiaparelli is one key Italian designer of this decade who was heavily influenced by the "beyond the real" art and incorporated it into her designs.

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

songs of soft deceitful wiles

beautiful and delicate things which surround us sometimes bind us in invisible ways.for every rose that blooms, there is a teardrop that is shed somewhere.for every pearl that is born in the womb of the sea creature, there is a child who dies of hunger.

          for every butterfly which grows its magical wings, a man goes down on a battlefield.for every evidence of happiness, there is truth of pain.

                     you hurt and feel empty and without direction whenever you see the sun rise with the promise of a new day.when the rain pours down, you sit and see how each drop destructs itself as it embraces the earth.for all the colours out there in this world, you come to realise there never was a rainbow made for you.every task seems like that of Sisyphus,every thing you touch turns into sit in the shade of a poison tree and wait for the venom to invade your mind.

A Poison Tree by William Blake

I was angry with my friend:
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.
And I watered it in fears
Night and morning with my tears,
And I sunned it with smiles
And with soft deceitful wiles.
And it grew both day and night,
Till it bore an apple bright,
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine -
And into my garden stole
When the night had veiled the pole;
In the morning, glad, I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

Monday, 2 May 2011

flowers and rain

when it was raining outside

chemistry layered necklace

charles&keith wedges

as the sun came out after the rain