Tuesday, 26 April 2011

have been abusing the replay button on this song everywhere!!

 i am not a fan of the twilight movies.but i have seen both the leads in other films and they are both gifted actors.i have read the twilight books and loved them.but again stating i am not a fan..am just so in love with this song right now.hear it and you will know why!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

red and green and nothing mean

i got this Avon ultra color rich lipstick red this past Saturday and i am in love with it.wore it today when i went out in the evening.it stayed on for the whole time(4 hours approx.).

this is how it looked like at first.but then i dabbed it with a tissue because this was too red for where i was going.
i had the colorama ruby red shade on my nails.(these are not my hands by the way)

and this is the shade i had on my toes.colorbar exclusive 15,vernisa ongles(it is a sea green shade)

and my most prized neck piece as of now is this VeroModa hand mirror shaped neck piece.i have always wanted something like this.i wore it today as well.that's the pattern of the top i wore as the background.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

In the A.M

this is what my morning walk with my mum a few days back resulted into..came back panting within an hour while my mum went on..she does this every day.she gets out by 5am and doesn't return till at least 6:30.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

India lifts World Cup 2011,creates history,creates euphoria

Today my whole nation is bleeding.Their veins are pouring out.We are all bleeding blue.The men in blue with their aching bodies and heavy breathing have shut the men in all the other colours- red,yellow,green and blues of the other kind included as the home crowd cheered with exultation at every up,jeered its every wrong move and respected its every class act on its way.After 1983 India reached the finals in 2003 to be cruelly defeated by the Aussies.Hopes were dashed,dreams shattered.But tonight we did it.
India under the captainship of Dhoni won the 10th cup.Pride and joy is overflowing all around as everyone around me is celebrating a 2nd Diwali off season.
Hats off to being the 3rd team chasing the run to win the final ever;hats off to Gambhir who missed out on his century for 3 runs and contributed so much to the run rate;hats off to Tendulkar for whom this may the last WC;and finally hats off to Dhoni for what he said at the prize ceremony.
Yes the whole nation curses the team when they play like a bunch of retards or make the slightest of mistakes,but it is because the adrenaline pumps through all as the team booms and bangs on the field.
So much to say.Feeling so many things.For the cynics-take a day off and don't criticise.For the rest-Bloody Brilliantly keep Bleeding Blue!!!