Sunday, 18 December 2011

We Stop, We Stare

We are strong, we are weak. We have likes and we have dislikes. We smile and we frown. Some people make us doubt ourselves and some help us gain back our faith. Some make us cry and some others push their way through walls of concrete and warm our hearts with happiness. Some of us sit and shiver in our loneliness. Some of us rejoice in the warmth of our solitude. Some of us walk a lonely path even when among kin and kith. Some of us are fortunate enough to find that one person who can pull us out even from a crowd, even when we have lost ourselves.
Love and hate are two facets of life, lying side by side and we walk that line every day. We hate our family. We love our family. We push away our most beloved friends and crawl back to them to carry on with our strange relationships.
We long for feelings when we lose sensation. When we gain it back we seek for something to numb the pain that comes with it.
It is said that some of us can hear the shriek of a banshee when someone dear dies. We hear our hearts cry when something dear dies as well.
But we are still alive and we hold on - to pain, to joy, to happiness, to tears, to life.
We pretend. We feel ashamed. We see it in our own eyes in the mirror and hide it from others, then we turn away. Some of us forgot to enjoy our childhood in our bid to grow up too fast. Some of us never stood a chance. Even then everyday starts with the promise of a better us.


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  1. You said the words, my girl!!! So, so true....all that!

    And that first picture is such an awesome shot! <3