Monday, 5 December 2011

Notice all Bloggers

All of us who have worked for getting followers on GFC there's a bad news. Google has decided to scrap Google Friend Connect because it is, according to them one of their least successful products. Any site which is not hosted by blogger faces losing readers who have subscribed through GFC. Here's a link to the main article. I don't know what will happen if GFC is scrapped entirely because as far as I know getting to the 168 followers took me 8 months and it was time consuming. And honestly bloglovin is not that popular because of the anonymity factor. I like to know who reads my blog and I like the other bloggers to know I read theirs even if sometimes I am unable to leave a comment behind. If that is the case I would have to ask you all to follow me on bloglovin and I will do the same for you. For the time being it seems blogger hosted blogs are safe.
Here's the article.

Google Cancels Google Friend Connect & What That Means for You


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