Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Smitten Kitchen - My Saviour

The last time I tried to boil eggs I ended up with two blobs of semi solid inedible gooey mess. Naturally I vowed never to make boiled eggs again. So when I saw this particular Smitten Kitchen post about a December cocktail party snack I had to break my vow. Yes, Google is my saviour. I have not been disappointed ever. Be it be a question about travel, shrimps gone bad, story lines without the main plot, knick-knacks and yes hard boiled eggs - I have found answers to them all.
I was so proud when the perfect unbroken whites landed in my hands from the shells. Now, I can boil eggs too!
Fill the bowl with eggs with water; bring it to a boil; simmer for 15mins; let it sit for 10 more mins; let it cool(put the eggs in cool water to speed up the process); peel; eat.
Piece of cake..huh!

So the Caesar Salad Deviled Eggs from Smitten Kitchen which looked like this

got me to move my ass to the kitchen and make this

I know mine aren't the image of perfection like hers. But it tasted so good.
I left out the lettuce and anchovy. I used normal cheese (mint flavoured) instead of parmesan. I used dill, dried chives, fresh coriander and the end portion of a spring onion(the white portion without the roots) on my own (you can leave them out if you want).
Word of advice - Don't eat them all yourself.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I am gonna try them..eggs n cheese..cant get better than this..!