Saturday, 24 December 2011

Holiday Cheers

So last week I got a new pair of boots and man do I love them! I keep staring at them. I wasn't thinking I would spend that much but I couldn't resist after I slipped into them. They look so sleek from the outside and are warm and soft on the inside. The heels aren't that high also but I have weird feet (not kidding). So, even a little bit of arch hurts my feet. Oh what the hell! It's not like every pair I own has to be a practical one for walking about. And trust me I don't have too many shoes. I don't splurge, I swear. I will treasure this one. I am sitting here wearing them right now. This may sound crazy but as a kid every time I bought a new pair I would wear them at home basically everywhere where dirty shoes weren't allowed. Someone once even asked if I was going to hug them to sleep. I scoffed of course.But I did keep them right beside the bed so that I could wear them right after I woke up.
I was not a crazy kid. My mother never had me tested though. (All Big Bang Theory lovers will get this I hope).

They are from Catwalk

P.S - I just read Lady Diana's dresses will be exhibited in Kensington Palace.The display, entitled "Diana", will open on March 26 and run until September as part of a permanent exhibition at Kensington Palace dedicated to Queen Victoria.
The news follows an announcement that Prince William and his brother Prince Harry have decided to use their late mother's apartment for charity events and receptions. Duchess Catherine will also use the apartment for charity events.I am looking forward to seeing the photos. This David and Elizabeth Emanuel dress is supposed to be included as well.

Merry Christmas

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