Sunday, 11 December 2011

Caught Up in The Past

I can't exactly sound very cheerful in this post without making it feel forced. But this is a look I did before the day my grandma passed away. I have taken down that post dedicated to my grandparents because I felt it was just too personal. I didn't post this that day. So here you go.
We are all desperately waiting for winter to come in Calcutta. It's ridiculous out here. I am still mostly in summer/fall clothes all the time. We are contemplating donating our winter clothes because it seems we have finally bid farewell to winter from Calcutta forever.
I got this striped cardigan last year or the year before that (I forget which). I have been wearing glasses since 2003 and the recent "trend" of making geek chic  has encouraged me to post looks wearing them instead of poking my eyeballs with my lenses every time I do a look. I like my lenses which I have started wearing from this year only. But let's face it, when I am in a hurry and I have just fallen out of bed to dash out to college or somewhere else I grab my glasses. It's a bit ironic that the chic had to wear what the so called geeks and nerds were wearing for decades to make them appear cool. Also known as hipster glasses they are a part of the counter-culture fashion popular now. I, like my maternal grandpa have always loved black rimmed glasses.
I like the colours in this striped cardi a lot. I am wearing that brown lipstick I told you about that my aunt gave me. I dislike brown lipstick and this is almost not brown. Shade is :- Avon Glazewear- Milk Chocolate shown in this *post*.

Hope you guys have a good week.

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