Friday, 18 November 2011

Marc Jacobs Robbed!

I read such a ridiculous and crazy news that I had to share. Marc Jacobs, the American fashion designer who owns his own line Marc Jacobs and helped change the fortunes of brand LV was forced to cancel his European press tour to be held on Thursday because his entire Spring-Summer collection en route from Paris to London was stolen!!
That news came from his fashion house to the media. Merchandise worth $63,000 went missing and it was reported by telephone to the London Metropolitan Police, who are currently investigating the theft. They were sample pieces so they don't have much market value but it means the British fashion editors won't be able to sample Jacob's next year's collection.

First his perfume ad with Dakota Fanning gets banned in England and now this. That ad was accused of sexualising children. You can see for yourself here the "Oh Lola" ad. The flower shaped bottle between her thighs and the obvious reference to Nabokov's novel is quite clear. Fanning is 17, so she isn't exactly a child unlike 11 year old Thylane Blondeau, but aren't there models of age who could have done the job? It wouldn't have created enough controversy and that's a sale point I guess. I don't see the necessity of putting up suggesting images of children out there. A huge number of people who were outrage saw something which they chose not to see maybe? Their best defence was there's something wrong with the people who notice any sexualisation. I say these people like me realised there are pedophiles out there who will see it for what it is and there's where the outrage came from. It is very easy to warp the minds of a child. But of course it comes down to the parents/guardians of children at the end of the day as to how much a child is exposed to the adult world. With huge number of child molestation cases all over the world it is evident children need to be protected much more and with more caution.

I am a huge fan of Dakota's acting abilities and I have not seen any crazy young Hollywood syndrome in her. I am not really very offended at this campaign. Definitely not as much as programs like "Toddlers and Tiaras" make me feel. They make me want to poke my eyes out and put those crazy parents under house arrest. Stop exploiting your children, stop ruining their childhood, go get a real job.

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