Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Making Wishes Come True

Let's start off ambitious shall we?

I want her job. Yes, Anna Dello Russo's job.
Anna dello Russo in Topshop.source-

I want Fauja Singh's determination - won a full marathon at 100 years of age,in Toronto, October 2011.He started training at 80.
source-google images

I want that attitude...Plus her equally awesome glasses.

I want a dress like this..

a coat like this..(winter wool coat with a cape!).Cool eh?

teashade glasses like these(given their origin they would suit me just fine).
source of all the above-google

This photo framed on my wall.(wish I knew who took it).Beautiful.

How often do you wish your wishes came true?
I know I do so every time I wish for something significant. Clothes, shoes and accessories are a passing fancy to me.

Keep eyeballing the clock so that Friday hits sooner and you can go. "TGIF!!"


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