Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fashion & Photography

I know all of us, who have developed a love for fashion, like sifting through fashion magazines and admiring the things we see. We know we can never afford half the things there but still who is to stop us from getting inspired. These photos are not just clothes hanging on a model. Some of them are put together by some of the best creative artists and the model is the canvas. A mannequin can't tell the same story a human can. Some of the best photographers are responsible for making us gasp at that shot we know we will bookmark to go back to later. You don't have to wear the exact things you see on these glossy pages. In fact I believe we should take lots of inspiration from them and even those who can afford these without sacrificing (let's say) lunch for a month or falling back on rent should get absolutely creative with similar (or same) pieces. When you put together such an outfit your original style sensibility shines through and getting a compliment on such an outfit feels absolutely amazing.
So without further jibber-jabber I want to show some such shots where you admire the whole deal and get lots of inspiration from them.
Erin Fee for Dior
Brigitte Bauer in harem dress of pale pink jersey by Grès, photo by William Klein, Vogue 1965
Dovima in Balenciaga's gown of embroidered champagne satin and pale pink tulle photographed by Richard Avedon, winter 1950

P.S- In other news the yahoomail id I had used to create this blog was hacked last week. I got a bunch of mails, all of them saying the password was changed. I realised it was compromised and deactivated it as soon as I got access again today. Thankfully I had changed the email connection for all my important accounts including the one for my blog long time back (hence that one got neglected for days). No major harm was done (as far as I know).
All you bloggers be safe with all your accounts. Beware of spammers.

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