Thursday, 24 November 2011

Behind the Digicam

I keep saying I am a US size 12-14 but I don't think I look that big in most of my posts. The reason behind that is the poses I am in. As you know I use a very basic Sony Point and Shoot camera without a tripod or even a remote control. I have to discard atleast 20 shots every time I put up 1 decent enough photo. Then I need to correct the colour so that the clothes are looking as close to reality as possible. Sue Bryce of  "Inside The Glamour Studio" has been doing these blog posts on how curvy girls (or as I like calling myself- fat girls with sass) can be shot beautifully. I have thought of doing a similar thing with my own photos before and now I am just going for it.
So, I have a tummy and I have huge thighs and big arms, my double chin is hidden only in some angled shots and those are the ones that are featured on my blog. Most often due to closer proximity with the camera lens and better focus they are the shots with best quality and don't need any retouching. I like softer tones rather than the harsh ones that come off in the camera and I obviously photoshop the photos like hell!
You remember this shot?
How many of my outfit posts have me in this same posture? 80% of them!
Now this was an experiment to get a shot on the road outside of the room. I know looking at the boring yellow wall in every outfit post can get monotonous. But the experiment failed. Firstly, the afternoon harsh sunlight was all wrong. Secondly, with the thought of neighbours watching I got super awkward. And the result was a not blogging material.  But I still  think I looked good that day. I know my hair is not in place, I know I should have tied the front(which I did later), I know I should have smiled (which I was doing the rest of the time).

This particular one is the best example of how I look from different angles and different distance from the lens.
See how my body looks different in the different positions? I like emphasizing the waist in the photos to create the idea of a curvy shape. It is not possible to do so all the time of course nor is there a necessity to suck in the tummy. I love myself no matter what.
I have a few other photos I can share. How did you like this post? Do you have several flattering positions you like taking photos of? Or do you tend to get stuck in a comfort zone? I like to show of the whole outfit as best as I can with my limited resources. Do you do the same?

Have a great day :-)

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