Monday, 10 October 2011

Streets & Sights - One Last Time

 I am showing you the best photos I have from the rest of the days. Last post on the Puja outings.
Style Spotted

This is not me- Patterned tights, textured bangles

at the Deshapriya Park Puja - the bubble seller and paper windmills!

Durga idol at Deshapriya Park

famous Flurys Chandelier

light supper at Flurys

entering Ekdalia

lights at Ekdalia

I guess he got tired & hopped on his father's back (Crowd at Ekdalia)

Durga idol at Ekdalia

Navami (I changed the hair before leaving)...& pardon me if I look a bit creepy

lights at Bhavanipur

lights at Bhavanipur 2

Wipe off the Monday moody blues and enjoy the week as best as you can while I try to finish reading a couple of books before college restarts again this week.

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