Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Movie Situation

 Day 08 – A movie that you’ve seen countless times
When this came out I was only 5 years old. And I have seen it so many times I have truly lost count. Mostly in parts after the 1st few full watches. I don't know about you but this movie was not just about the love between Rose & Jack. It took me several watches to actual ever understand why she dropped the "heart of the ocean" in the sea. Listening to "My Heart Heart Will Go On" gives me goosebumps now. After all, for months after the movie came out this was the inevitable answer to the question, "What is your favourite English song?"

 Day 09 – A movie with the best soundtrack 
I haven't really heard that many movie soundtracks. But I remember getting all the songs of this one because I loved them all.

Day 10 – Favorite classic movie
This was such a beautiful film!

Day 11 – A movie that changed your opinion about something 
 I know these are  2 films but I always feel the mention of one doesn't make much sense without the other. These films made me realise a film without much action and mostly dialogue can be indeed very enjoyable. This made me realise I don't mind open endings when circumstance demands it. I realised a love story can be grounded in reality and still be able to give that feeling of warmth spreading all over your heart at the end of it.

Day 12 – A movie that you hate
There are so many films I start watching knowing it's either an average or below average film. Sometimes I even see things to kill time which aren't great films. I love watching light films which are just what I need to balance out the heavy duties of real life. But when you promise good stuff and I end up with stupid, insipid, brain numbing BS I feel annoyed. Really annoyed. There are films which make you want to poke your eyes or put a finger through your ear to scramble and check if the brain is still intact. I feel those films are the ones which have stolen away hours from my life and I had better nothings to do to spend them than watch that film. This list has quite a few names. Some I can think of right now are the ones which earned a lot of moolah and appreciation; so that's reason for more annoyance.
1. The Bridesmaids - Seriously?
2. The entire Twilight series - The full on suckathons killed for me what little bit I liked about the books.
3. The Ugly Truth - I pray that Katherine Heigl is stopped from making movies like this. Ever.
4. 2012 - I mean what the he..?
5. He's Just Not That Into You - I watched this 2 times. Why!!!! I don't know!! I don't!
P.S.- i liked bits and parts you see of this one.but on watching it a 2nd time i found some portions quite mind numbing!
6. New York (2009 Hindi Film) - It was the 1st film I fell asleep while watching in the movie hall. And I laughed when the characters died. It was so funny. Honestly!
7. Delhi Belly(2011 Hindi Film) - It was a sick film that relied on really really sick jokes, dumb dialogues,excellent overuse of the word "bastard" and bad acting as props to make it look cool. There are certain elements inclusion of which are automatically considered cool or artsy. But just that doesn't make it a good film.

Have a great Sunday!

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