Sunday, 2 October 2011

May Go M.I.A

First off let me greet any Bengali who reads my blog with a hearty Happy Pujo!
Durga Puja kick started last week with the Mahalaya. I almost forgot it was so because I was a bit stressed about college work. But I did manage to hear the Mahalaya special Sanskrit recitation of Mahishasur Mardini(a.k.a Annihilation of Mahishasura, according to wiki!) being broadcast at 4am over the radio. It's a yearly tradition after all; the TV broadcasts have gone down in their charm I think so I give that a miss now.
I don't know why I am not being able to get into the Puja mode properly; maybe it is stress, maybe some thing's off in my head. Anyhow I will love to enjoy the next 5 days without worries and have a great time as ever. Maybe hitting the streets and the some of major pujas will alleviate the mood.
So I will definitely go M.I.A for the next 5 days. I will take lots of photos. I may blog in the next few days but that is only if I am not dead tired and can write anything.
Wherever you are have a great week!

Signing off with

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory

Memories are made in the moment which are sometimes so fleeting it can never be captured. I think I will give this photo a miss. No photo I have sum up my favourite memory. I am not even sure what it is and if it was even captured ever. I think it wasn't.

Day 05 – Favorite love story in a movie

I think this one is a very easy one :)

Pride and Prejudice
 Other movies giving this a competition - 
1. Titanic
2. North & South (TV adaptation by BBC)
3. Before Sunset & Before Sunrise

I don't know if love stories exist in real life. Maybe they do; not that I have experienced it nor witnessed it from close quarters. A true love story is epic and these qualify with flying colours and rhythmic heartbeats(if that makes any sense to you).

an idol maker carving the face of the goddess Durga at kumortuli,Kolkata

painting of the face. photo courtesy- abhik sengupta as mentioned on flickr.

The intricacy that is behind the art of sculpturing and painting the idols is tremendous; it is a culmination of months of hard work and skillful expertise on the part of the artisans. There are steps to be followed one after the other and it all comes down to the 5 days that they stay to be worshipped and then they are immersed in the holy (rather unclean in the hygienic terms though) waters of the Ganges.

Interesting fact:- In our Films & Other Media class we were discussing how Durga Puja even though is a form of plastic art it defies a core rule; it has a time period. It can only stay for 5 days
(nowadays some pandals choose to extend the days but even then it cannot stay forever). Ma Durga has to leave in order to come back again next year. Even with commercialisation Durga puja brings back memories no matter what age we are. It has its heart in the right place.

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