Saturday, 8 October 2011

It takes time

The title is not supposed to be cryptic at all. Durga Puja is over and I have had a few days of fun; I have binged and I have walked (the cabs were useful too only when they weren't demanding 30 or 80 bucks in addition to whatever the meter charged!) around hopping from the pandals I wanted to see to restaurants to my friend's house where I crashed for a night. I feel like I have been sleeping since then. I need to catch up with everyones' blog.
I haven't yet sorted through all the photos I have taken. But here are a few shots from the 1st(i.e,Shasthi; the days are actually numbered from Mahalaya which is taken as day 1; shasthi is the 6th day, the day the actual rituals basically start from) day out. I have realised how shaky the photos come out when I have to hold the camera. I would die (well not literally) for a dslr.

I got another haircut.this time from the salon.there are no outfits in this post but I will put 1 up shortly.

pandals are best seen after dark because they come alive with all the beautiful lights then. plus=> see the crowd?

decorations in the same pandal

blurry but a glimpse of the Durga idol there along with Lakshmi and Ganesha on the left. photo c/o RB

a glimpse of Saraswati on the right; couldn't get Karthik on the extreme right.too much crowd. photo c/o RB
decor details

the bag I carried throughout the few days. Quilt and Stud Cross Body bag from

ended the night with a glass(two)..(& a half)..of wine.this is not something I do usually.But hey there's got to be a perk of being 21!
P.S-This is the best pandal of the day and the only one I took photos of, not the only one I saw.

Hope you are all fine and having a great time!


  1. Aaah I just randomly stumbled upon this post and you have made me yearn for Calcutta and puchkas...although you said nothing about puchkas...soooooo funn to have found your blog.

    1. ahh i haven't had phuchka in a glad you found me!

  2. I think this is somewhere in Saltlake? AK block or something.

    1. nah..this is the bosepukur puja last year!