Sunday, 11 September 2011

Shades of Red

Colour of blood
It is the colour of wine
Passion is red,passion is divine
Rivers run its shade
It is also the colour of dead

Durga Puja is now just a few weeks away. People are still shopping. So am I. I am doing budget shopping this time. I will buy only what I need.
You guys do know Durga Puja is the biggest festival for the Bengalis? We worship Ma (mother) Durga for 5 days. Its 5 days of fun, celebration, meeting of friends, meeting of families, pandal hopping, eating & wearing new everything. A Bengali's puja is wasted if they don't spend it here during those days. Calcutta is the best place to be then if you are a true Bengali. It all starts with the Mahalaya and ends on Bijaya Dashami. We end it all each year with the promise of the coming year. It is like no other celebration all the world over!

What is fall shopping to you is Puja shopping for us.

a new neck piece from Shopper's Stop

Shade of Red 1 - my new red bag from a street was just 3$(Rs.150)

Shade of Red 2 - boots non-brand

Brown Batwing Top from Chemistry
Black Skirt and Leggings non-brand
Shade of Red 3 - My red lips

Make-up Products I am wearing here-
1.      Avon ideal shade concealer stick (light wheat)
2.      Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation (nude light 4)
3.      Avon simply pretty big eye pencil (emerald)
4.      Revlon eyeliner pencil crayon pour le yeux (black)
5.      Avon supercurlacious mascara
6.      Avon ultra color rich lipstick red

Also thanks a ton to Misstarshiny for my very 2nd blog award!!
I am so happy!!!(Read the news page to see who I have forwarded this to)

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