Sunday, 4 September 2011

Review for Nature's Company Products

Nature’s Company was kind enough to send me 2 of their products to review them.

Their products are

• Eco friendly

• Peta approved (cruelty free & vegan)

• Recyclable

I will give you the pros and cons of the products based on my experience of using them. I got so excited that I showed them off to everyone in the house. Anyway as usual I stray.

They have 5 ranges. They sent me over Lemon Peel Exfoliating Body Wash from the Starrize range and the Apple Guava Hair Cleanser (Shampoo) from their Foressence range.


Lemon Peel Exfoliating Body Wash (Price- 17$ or Rs.775)


1. It has a fresh citrusy smell.

2. It softens the skin.

3. I didn’t need a lot of it to lather. I took 4-5 drops on my loofah.

4. It is a gentle product. I have slightly sensitive skin.


Apple Guava Hair Cleanser (Price- 16$ or Rs.725)


1. It has a very nice smell. My hair had a faint fragrant smell even after 12hrs.

2. I use a conditioner every time I shampoo my hair. But I didn’t need to with this.

3. It didn’t weigh down my (thin) hair. It actually gave a bit of volume.

4. Even if it is for dry hair, I have used it without a problem on my absolutely oily hair.

5. Needed a very little amount.


The cons for both products are same.

1. They smell very nice. But those who don't like fruity scents may not love this.

2. They are not easily available everywhere. But you can buy the products online. I have heard the delivery system is pretty good.

3. No one in my family has dry hair so I can’t tell how effective the shampoo will be on dry hair.

I am wary of how much I spend but I try not to crimp on hair & skin products since they can do severe damage in the long run. So I don’t think you will regret spending your money on this.


1. I will use their products again. I really liked what I used.

2. I will see if it effects the massive hair fall I have been experiencing.

I chopped off my hair a bit. I have done nothing to my hair apart from shampooing it with the Apple Guava Shampoo today.
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