Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Red and Blue

Blue is huge this season (you can say all you want it is the new black but, sorry black is black is black; the coolest colour ever!) and so are bold display of colours in general. I am not one to follow trends and generally appreciate and take inspiration from alternative styles even though my own style is quite mainstream mostly. Either way I am happy so many of my personal favourites have been trending for quite some time and will continue to. I will try not to blend in. I am not happy being a wallflower! Neither do I mind my personal tastes being followed by very many. Told once before I am full of contradictions.
What I mean is that I don't follow trends but just because my favourite styles are trending I won't run in opposite direction afraid of homogenity. I am sure I stand out. It's hard for me to blend in to the background for me. Honestly, not kidding!

Maybelline's Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Blushing Berry.

lookbook.nu is malfunctioning & the looks are not showing up...urghhh!
Wearing- Blue Top and Red Leggings.
Every time I get rid of one loose top(read, wear it to its extinction) I go get another one. I live in them most of the year doing classes, going grocery shopping and what not. This top will serve that purpose now..messed up my hair trying to tease it(!)

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