Friday, 16 September 2011

Healthy but a little less Wealthy

I shopped from Mango,Chemistry,Latin Quarters,VeroModa and Shopper's Stop

My Puja shopping is done. I shopped for 7-8hrs(1st time the hours stretched so long) with my best friend. The good thing was we finished our shopping in one day. But it drained us of all energy. We had a great day though. On the way it started pouring and the view was mesmering as the rain splattered the car windows and the beautiful green trees swayed majestically against the stormy sky. It was some feeling to stare up and see the rain drops falling down from the charcoal bright sky.

I had a light green before but I never owned this shade. I think I have a full set of VIBGYOR now with some more in varying shades. This Colorama Verde Palmeira reminds me of unripe mangoes I had seen hanging from the branches of our Mango tree every year before summer set in. It was somehow calming to see them bow down over our roof as the afternoon breeze swayed the branches gently. Unfortunately it was cut down (alongwith a Neem tree) to accommodate a building in the neighbourhood.

Cool and refreshing cucumber slices with multigrain bread makes a light and filling sandwich. Add a layer of spread cheese if you don't mind the calories and feel the taste change.

I made a quick microwave chicken that day because I forgot to have lunch earlier. The gravy is basically a smooth mash of 1 boiled potato, 3 tblspn of extra virging olive oil, dried chives, salt & pepper, one green chilli, 5 garlic cloves, and 1 semi mashed tomato and 1/2 green bell pepper. Thawing the chicken and mixing it with the mash was easy. As I set this aside in the fridge for a few minutes I greased a microwave proof dish & microwaved it for 8 minutes at 750W.
P.S-there are onions in it too.

Have a great weekend!

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