Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hair Colour Gone Wrong

I like saving money(since I don't earn I should say I don't like spending my parents' money too much). I have known the basics of putting in colour in the hair and last year sometime I put in a few reddish brown streaks in my hair. I was a total noob and I was very impressed at my work even if I say so myself. When the colour started fading I got a packet of Garnier Cherry Red to put in red streaks this time. And I was happy again. I knew red was my colour and I was gonna stick with that.
I got a bit bored of just streaks and seeing endless redheads all over the Internet I had this urge to go all out this time. Colouring the whole head meant I had to be careful and so I went out and bought this new hair colour that has been launched in the market. Wella Kolestint Exotic Red 55/46 was the colour I bought by wasting my mother's 500 bucks. That is half a grand in Indian Rupee.
This is what happened:
1)I put on the pre-colouration treatment they had in their kit as instructed.
2)I mixed the entire contents in a mixing bowl in the 1 minute I was supposed to keep that pre-colouration crap in my hair.
3)Carefully put the colour in my hair.
4)After waiting for 45-50mins I went to wash out the thing.
5)Used the conditioner they had given. Which did make my hair super soft later.
(They gave a nice pair of latex gloves which I have kept. Maybe a latent murderer in me is pre planning)

Result: Too traumatised to put up a photo of myself yet. I will show you my face(hair) again, but later.
           My scalp is more red than my hair. My hair doesn't even look red unless I am standing under strong light and that too is looking abysmally boring.
The scalp colour was due to my own mistake I agree. But having a mere burgundy under the light is a dang disappointment.
No I didn't expect to have hair as red as Rihanna but I didn't spend so much to have this kind of colour and super soft hair(I can use a good conditioner for that thank you and for cheaper too).
Thankfully I have no outing or big event to attend like this. And thank heavens for that!!
They will have a million reason pointing out it was my mistake of putting in the colour wrong and all that but sorry I used Garnier Cherry Red before; it was both cheaper and gave a visible red shade with no use for bleaching prior to colouring.
All their ads are all about how it visibly changes your hair for the better and makes everyone take notice. If me and the people I know can't see it when they know I have colour then I don't think others will notice shit.

I am sorry for my language but I am extremely upset and even through massive hair fall I have not been so unhappy with my hair. Hell I have not been so massively upset with any imperfection(including terrible stretch marks) of my body!
These are 2 other reviews I found of Wella- 1.HairynotScary and 2.WellaKolestintHAirColourReview

I am afraid of colouring my hair again because of this. I know I need time to recover. I know the bad ass and rather annoying optimist in me will be encouraged to colour again.

P.S.- 24/12/2011- The bad ass and rather annoying optimist in me hasn't yet emerged. The colour leached out completely after a couple of weeks. I haven't coloured my hair anyway since then.

Till then know a bit more about pre-Wella me in this interview with Funmilayo I. of InspirationandBeyond *here*

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P.S-This is not a sponsored post and I'm unlikely to ever but Wella Hair Colours.

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