Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Return

I last blogged 8 days back. That's more than a week! I took a vacation with a few school mates and my best friend and I have been sleeping ever since I came back.
This is a developing resort village called Mandarmani in West Bengal(our state government is considering changing the name from West Bengal to something absolutely meaningless.hope it doesn't happen because as I said it is meaningless). All the hotels lie on the beach and it is argued to be the longest beach one can drive on in India. It was a much needed getaway for us all and this was the first time I went for a vacation without my family or any grown ups with us. So it was fun in a whole different level.

a flower like thing I saw on the beach

sunrise on day 2
feet in the cool sand(the 1st pair is my best friend's and the lower set is mine :D)

a view from our rooms

backwaters left from the high tide

our shadows

the red specks are crabs


close up of sunset

before sunrise day 3

I have tanned and look like a monkey now. Hope you all are having a great time!

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