Tuesday, 9 August 2011

On the brand new Banner and Facebook Page

I have been thinking of a banner for my blog for quite long. I even had one at the very beginning. I was not satisfied and it went down of course. Today I was determined to find something that says a bit about me and a bit about this blog. It is after all named "flysongbird". Not every bird can sing. Only a few have the ability and even among them are blessed the ones who are capable of capturing the fancy of us humans.

photo1-from birdorable
photo2-captured and edited by me
photo3-from magpietotem

Haven't you heard of the nightingale?

"O Nightingale! thou surely art
A creature of a "fiery heart":--" hailed by Sir William Wordsworth
The lark?
"With a soul as strong as a mountain River,
Pouring out praise to the Almighty Giver," hailed by Wordsworth again

But I am not entirely like either though they are songbirds; different from those other birds who can fly and rise high till they touch the clouds. I am neither a sparrow nor a swallow not even a mockingbird in toto.
      I am like a magpie. Why?
"The magpie's message is that not all things are what they appear to be, and we should not set our judgments in stone. The chatter of the magpie is also a symbolic message that we may need to speak our minds more clearly..." some lines from here.
With striking colouration, the magpie is symbolic of flamboyance, expression, and glamour.

This is a message for us to not hide ourselves away from the world. The magpie beckons us to reveal our brilliance.
And just when we get to know the symbolic meaning of the magpie, she eludes us. She is a symbol of illusion.
Those who believe they have her figured only know half of it. ; Or maybe lesser than that.
They are so far the only birds who recognise themselves in the mirror. Magpies are a symbol of intellect.
Many years back my best friend called me a magpie because I love storing away seemingly unimportant knick knacks. They may be a broken pencil or a sticker or some bauble that reminds me of a long forgotten afternoon - they all hold memories for me. They are a way to remember what is in danger of being forgotten. Sometimes when it is better to let go I discard them from my room, hence discarding the memories and those people in it, from my life.

P.S.- I finally created a facebook page for my blog. *CLICK* to go to page and like it. Thanks to all those who do already :D

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