Saturday, 13 August 2011

Kristen Stewart for September W issue

Stunningly OTT glammed up KStew here goes!!

This is my favourite of the bunch

not going to enlarge this photo because I believe this was too much photoshopped

For some of you this may be way too much but I absolutely love anything with lots of high drama (it has to be pulled of correctly, no wannabe crapola thank you). This is inspired from the retro era and I am loving the big hair and winged eyeliner, the black & white photo, and the blushing pale pink lips. Retro is huge this season and it's been going strong for quite some time.
I am not a twilight shipper as I mentioned *here* before. I believe the movies suck. But I love Kristen's sartorial sensibilities. She is the laid back rocker chic girl who can put quite a few industry hailed supermodels to shame with her highly glamorous photo shoots.

A bit more retro make up love


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