Friday, 26 August 2011


Sometimes you think of something, some people, some incidents, some memories and your eyes go out of focus, your sight becomes blurry, almost at the point of tearing up. And then you come back. Sometimes you feel nothing but sadness, sorrow, pain. You forget you were ever happy; the memories of a smile seem unreal to you. Do you look for a pick me up then? Or do you revel in your gloomy trips for a bit longer?

Pick me ups for your eyes

 Day 02 – The most underrated movie

*click* to know what I think of this movie. It is crazy, mad, loud.

 Day 03 – A movie that makes you really happy

We are different so different things bring us joy. Escapism is something that is ingrained in me. More than anything I have been fascinated by the idea of running away or doing something I love, away from the people I know. Starting afresh and breaking free while the past still remains with you but is far enough that it cannot touch you on a daily basis.
There are many movies which I love watching over and over. Thinking of this one makes me hopeful and happy right now. The fashion industry is huge and this movie captured the essence of what it is somehow;what it means to some people who are a part of it. The excitement, the passion, the obsession, the hard work and the craziness of what this industry is - all of it is in this movie in small doses. Witty dialogues and actors like Meryl Streep,Stanley Tucci,Anne Hathaway,Emily Blunt were what made this movie(all of them being my favourites).

 Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show

Friends who understand you; are insane but question your sanity the very moment you open your mouth; will never leave you; friends who keep their ego aside and be there for you when you push them away but need them more than ever - very hard to come by while you mostly walk alone cozying up beneath your invisiblity cloak; hiding from others because you want someone to come looking for you not because you absolutely need to hide but because you want to know someone cares that much.
You need to get by with a little bit of help of your friends-paraphrasing the beatles..

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