Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Somethings with a Mystery

I have mentioned that I love cinema. I don't claim to be an expert but I know enough to know what I am talking about most of the times. Cinema and fashion can be generic and out there for mass entertainment and adulation. I love my kink and kitsch but I also get absolutely fascinated and awe-struck with any form of artistic display which goes beyond what is obvious and takes on a different form. There's is a hint of mystery in it when it is a story in disguise of a beautiful picture; movies are pictures in motion after all. I know not a lot about paintings and therefore I don't speak of it much. I am a hedonist at heart and a cynic in my mind. I appreciate irony and smile gleefully when I catch a double meaning in anything that seems to be most simplistic. Life is all about irony and paradoxes. We are all righteous, we are all hypocrites. We choose what we show others about us no matter how much we claim to be open books. But once we start telling the world about the things that fascinate us we reveal a bit of who we are beneath our shells; some shells as fragile as an egg shell some as hard as concrete. Some photos which perhaps share what I am and can be or was but left open to your interpretation which in turn shows you...

Fellini's la strada is perhaps 1 of my the favourite films

from a walk i took with my best friend one evening

Light_and_Frost_by_Greeneyes155(from a fellow blogger's blog,I will update info if i can remember her blog id)

The clinic THE FACE march 1997 Honor Fraser and Cali Rand by Sean Ellis, style by Isabella Blow

TheclinicTHE FACE march 1997 Honor Fraser and Cali Rand by Sean Ellis, style by Isabella Blow


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