Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mini Arm Party

Do you guys know what an arm party is? The term was perhaps first used by The Man Repeller to describe the unique way of stacking up your arms with a plethora of bands and bangles in many shapes and patterns. Most often there is a theme. I remember on my college fresher's day wearing a bunch of bangles in different textures on my left arm. This week's BDIB challenge of Pretty Shiny Sparkly is to rock out an arm party. Since I couldn't take part in the last one I was determined to take part in this. Today was a friend's birthday and it was a casual lunch. With a casual attire I wore a themed Silver & Gold arm party. I already wear 4 rings; 2 silver ones on my left hand and 2 gold ones on my right. All married Indian women traditionally are supposed to have an arm party going on everyday; but with changing times this has changed and women wear what they like now. Some wear just a couple of thin gold bangles others choose to stick with their set of "shankha and pola". Even the "shankha and pola" come in different varieties; some are plain and some have delicate gold patterns which may or may not come with stone work or enamel work. Indians love their fair share of all things gold and bling and excess when it comes to jewellery :-D!

gold toned earrings from Accessorize

gold bangle(belongs to my mum but I wear it since this is my favourite),silver&gold toned watch

creepy eyes peeking through

Vero Moda neck piece,blue top from Westside(also seen here Click)

Debuting my Levi jeans.and when I thought I have given up on jeans that fit me I found this.

1.Designer Agnimitra Paul having an arm party in traditional bengali attire(jewellery from A.K. Sircar)
2. "shankha" with gold and enamel work
sources of these 2 photos-google images

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