Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Shaggy haircut , The Choppy layers

"The New Shag" article (in the Vogue India June 2011 issue) provoked me to do this to myself. I have been thinking of getting a haircut. But Freja Beha's photo with the shag which has a rock n roll feel to it just drove me over the edge. She walked the runway last year with this new hairstyle.

Freja Beha Erichsen with her shag
Out came my scissors and hairbands, I opened my YouTube channel and searched for a tutorial. I found this amazingly easy video and followed it. I had once done my own bangs before so I was not shaky. I find a cathartic pleasure in chopping of my own hair. It's like taking control. Here is the video

You can wear the shag as you like. The length depends on you. I have thin hair so I wasn't going to use the razor technique. In a salon someone once did it and the result was not good. Anyway I have changed to a better salon now thanks to my best friend. I will wear my layers messy. The shag is the ultimate do nothing haircut and brings in a lot of edge depending on its length and styling. I cut it according to what I thought would look good on my round face.

And Michael Jackson r.i.p.

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