Friday, 21 January 2011

Dayereh-Jafar Panahi,you inspire me

i stand alone staring at nothing.i want someone who will stand beside me and stare at this nothing with me.not ask questions about what this nothing is but stand there knowing what it nothing is something to me,it is nothing to others.
all colors of the rainbow when combined give is a fact.but as a kid when i mixed all my water colors it gave me i fell in love with my was not white,it was black.i do stand for who i am.restrictions for others in the society apply to me too.but i choose to ignore some of them.not because i can but because i stand to face no extreme judgment for defying them.
there are small things that gives me freedom,but i can enjoy them because i am free.the women in many countries do not have these liberties.and the few good men who speak up and stand up against it feel the shackles pulling them down.several hands go down to smother the voices of those who speak up,who stand up.
but the wheels are set in motion by actions.because action is needed for them to see that some one's nothing is something.imprisonment cannot stop the wheels of time.

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