Wednesday, 26 May 2010

nothing controversial

finished the book "the blue castle" by l.m. montgomery of the books with the most enchanting descriptions of anywhere on earth(canada in the book).
if only people would let go;of just everything and have fun and let other's have it too and take life as it comes rather than sitting around analysing and living every sad moment that have not even happened..i myself used to be pretty judgemental about a lot of stuff when i was in that i have left that place behind i can see and tell i was too stuck up.notions change.i was not old enough.but i am neither ashamed to own up to it nor am i going to stop saying that there (still) is a right place and right time to do things.not necessarily the right things.there's right and then there is right of another kind and then there is wrong,yeah it still is there.there are things that i will never do that will make me feel ashamed of myself or harm another.if i see there is a reason behind something a person does i will be more open minded now.but that does not mean i will do it or support it.
life is indeed too short.i will be turning 20 very teen life is over almost.i do not want to go back to school.somehow i just have few amusing memories of that place,but nothing that will make me want to go back there and relive all those days once again.i resisted college at the i want to enjoy it as long as it lasts.i just want to drift ahead and see what else awaits.
i am learning to let go and be less wound up....amen to that!