Monday, 29 March 2010

so what do you do then?

how often have you woken up in the morning and thought today is the day i will try to set all the wrongs right?it's going to be a new beginning?i will be more comfortable with other things in my life?i will free myself of all the invisible iron curtains that binds me and separates me from the rest of the world?
i have tried doing all this quite a few times.i have not succeeded much,because every time i think of removing those curtains something comes along and hits me and hurts me.i do not want's easier to go on when things are flitting past like psychedelic lights or going so slow that you do not even feel the change.
telling people exactly how you feel about them or certain things which they think differently about almost always leads to unpleasant moments which you want to avoid.situations which have only one result:misunderstanding.take it all in your stride,eh?
so what do you do then? you stop being who you are,compromise with your beliefs & thoughts & ideals to maintain peace,cower behind a lenient onlooker's facade or stop bothering and keep hurting people and avoid hurting yourself?....or is it being the first one that helps you to avoid hurting yourself?..
so what do you do then?....come down to the selfish action of saving yourself always..that's what we all do.try to survive.lying or cheating,being honest or being indifferent....we survive.understanding,not understanding,trying to understand...we survive.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


i am very much in love with movies.i was waiting for something good to write about.i have been watching a new movie every night recently.except the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series which i don't know how many times i have's really hard to keep writing reviews of all the films.i watched the romance of "tristan and isolde",their forbidden love stated that none can die for love never dies.the adventure of the pirates and jack's savvy ways made me cry out "yo ho yo ho yo ho!".and i wanted to be a really bad egg! moved over to "the blindside" and watched sandra's oscar winning role.honestly i wasn't swept away by it.but it was a good performance."the lovely bones" somehow failed to horrify me because of the too light hearted treatment at points of the story of a raped and murdered 14 yr old susie salmon(as in the fish salmon)."changeling" is indubitably jolie's most significant performance(except "girl interrupted" which i have seen and "the mighty heart" which i still haven't).glam,glitz and murder at "the sunset boulevard" was 1hr45mins of my life not wasted watching a classic noir film of the ' wrap things up i got "an education",a coming of age drama with noteworthy performance by carey mulligan.what nights i have spent!!!
p.s-take all you can,give nothing back ladies & gentlemen..savvy? ;-)

Friday, 19 March 2010

up in the air

life remember who i am,
life is not consistent.
"you are my someone special",
my life was something to someone beyond me;
i found out that someone was not special.
people lived on earth,found their personal heaven down there.
i was stuck,once happily,up in the air.
well worthy of it's 2010 oscar nomination.this 2009 jason reitman film based on the novel of the same name by walter kirn is about a guy named ryan bingham(george clooney)who lives his life out of a suitcase(literally) and is happy about it.his job is to travel up in the air almost all days of the year to go around firing people.he consults them too and you don't hate him for what he does because he has his heart in it.perhaps the reason why he can't give his heart to anyone else.on one of his travels he meets alex(vera farmiga) and they start a casual relationship.the female counter part of ryan.natalie(anna kendrick) is a young co-worker who goes around with him for a time being in order to gain field experience:how it's like to actually do that job,meeting those people face to face.
the result is not so bright.breaking of hearts,lives,hopes and establishment of the fact that facts are not steady.facts are as inconsistent as life is.
the look on ryan's face when he travels all the way to chicago to meet alex only to find out that she has a family,natalie quitting her job and the voice of ryan at the end stating that as families will lead a normal life he will be flying above them are the moments to watch out for.
accusations,philosophies,ideals,ambition and your perspective to attachments change with the people coming in and going out of your life.
and life is inconsistent.
i give this one 8.5/10.
p.s-it reminded me of the last quote in the book "illusions:adventures of a reluctant messiah" by richard bach which goes something like this-evrything you read in this book may be wrong.(book in question is the messiah's handbook.)

Thursday, 18 March 2010


a bird chirped....chirp chirp.....few decades later came computers...then internet...then websites...then came twitter.
after avoiding it for long i joined it just out of curiosity.what do people do their basically??? answer:it's a mini blog. most celebs update where they are,what project they are working on and how great that is,updates about their upcoming events,blah blah blah....
i heard oprah got bored of it in 2-3 she gives updates about her episodes of the wittiest one is that of shah rukh khan's...the rest-you can live without knowing that they offense and i really like preity but all i get to see in her twitter page most of the time is how busy she is!...priyanka:where she is,what she's doing,yada yada...
i am bored of it in a month.why would anyone want to know when a certain person eats,sleeps,attends some meetings and gets stuck in a traffic!!??
now following news channels can be helpful in keeping one updated but that too only if you are connected to the net most of the time.shahid's updates make little sense to me,kjo promotes his films and anupam kher promotes his acting school.
i wonder how long the twitter craze will remain among people...maybe as long as our obsession with celebs remain....and definitely when trees become a rare spectacle of nature and there are no more newspapers and magazines then....books we will recycle of what is left and put up e-books...the rest we know thanks to the "idea" ads.

P.S- i found a use for twitter.i still don't tell the world when i slept and what i ate (unless it was something yummy) and where i went(haven't been to such an amzing place that i would want to tweet about it).

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

regrets of the ages

you were playing and all of a sudden you and your playmate break into a punch her,she punches lose a regret day you make up.age 5.
you try to open a bottle of coke and your hand slips,hits the glass beside the bottle on the falls on the ground and breaks into a thousand shattered pieces.age regret feel terrible.the pieces can't be glued together.
you have an argument with a love her.but you think she's being mean to you.that's the heat of the moment you say something very mean to regret that later.age might have lost your dear friend forever.
age 19 you still do not know how to control your temper and go on losing one year after another trying to convince someone you need to be who you are in order to be the time being the sands of time are flowing away,blowing away with the regret it.but you can't do anything to change it.
the kind of regrets you have defines who you are.but you are much more than just regrets.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

the count of monte cristo

i just now finished watching the 2002 film...chances are that you can feel cheated when you are watching the film adaptation of a book you loved.i understand that for cinematic values some scenes,characters and incidents you loved in the book,which you thought somehow changed the flavour of the story have to be compromised.and if the book is really liked then you will feel bad at those moments.
this film begins with some dramatic fights and revelation of agendas at the very start in order to build the pace and mood of the film.edmund dantes is accused of treason and life changes for his loved ones back at home it is shown how edmund changes as a man,as a human in the prison where he is treated like an animal.his naivety gives way to a vengeful outlook which keeps him alive when "god will give me justice" fails to give him relief by death.
"...what makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes..."-this line can sum up the core of the story of the movie.
a meeting with a fellow prisoner and his slow run towards a glorious prison escape...edmund's run across the beach:a run of freedom is the key to a turning point in his life & luck from there on.
true in essence of the actual story this movie was surely entertaining with the style of 40's and technique of recent times.jim caviezel as edmund and guy pearce as ferdnand were good.i liked luis guzman and richard harris who had smaller roles.
i find it very hard to rate films.i give this one a 7.5 out of 10.purely because i felt something was missing.i suggest you rather read the book.