Friday, 24 December 2010

Bonsoir!Comment Ca va?

That's just me trying to learn basic french at home.i figured i spent so much time at home doing technically nothing why not utilise at least a bit of that time..
i have a very short span of attention and memory.don't exactly know why;maybe because it is much less taxing to move on and occupy my mind with new shinier stuff than dwelling on the past stuff.
seems like i am rambling.i am a bit.i have been listening to songs on my PC after i got kicked out of the TV dad said he will buy my sister a new TV if i don't move away and let her watch some crap show she watches everyday.he's a loony i tell you.just to piss him off i didn't budge till my sis' fave show was over,that meant half an hour of some seriously mindless stuff.needed something good after while listening to the music i heard these two lines " matter how hard it gets,this life will have no regrets..." and that got me thinking about something.those words resonated for a me they didn't just mean that the singer will have no regrets with her life but i think it meant she will do something out of her life and hence will have no least she will try her very best.
awesome,inspiring words heh?
i thought so too.
i discovered i can come up with lot of crap if i want to.
i am so bored.
i think i need a job.or a sandwich ..... made by Nigella Lawson O.o


  1. Think it will be "this love will have no regret" not life.I could be wrong.

  2. i checked and ya u r right...i somehow always heard it "life".

  3. If and when you get that sandwich, holler! *wink*