Wednesday, 15 September 2010

"it's her in real life"

i am old
i am new
i am a fool
i am for nobody to swoon
i am here
then i am gone
i have lost the lights
i have lost the fireflies
i am lost
i am alone
if only i knew what i could easily fall on
i need some rest
i need some rest
a final peace
an ultimate quest
i need to be together
with my mind intact
i need to know
i need to shout it out
i am insane
i am mad
i am diseased
i shall just go break apart

you can't hold me
you never could
you shied away when the tears came
you needed your own peace of mind
you had things to care for

i don't have a hand to hold me still
i shall just go break apart
i am hurt
with an animal wound
i shall just go break apart.

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