Friday, 9 July 2010

in death i shall be free

there are often times in our lives when we have to face things which we wished never existed.a new event,shameful and embarrassing happens and they just cannot be shared with even the ones closest to your facades are put up and another layer separates us from those we hurts more when that shameful event was caused by one who is supposed to hold a high regard in your eyes.he time and again proves he cannot be trusted,he will not give you a reason to like him,he will give something nice and then take back something greater.those shadowed times can never be forgotten.the pain and discomfort are that of a child who has found out her favourite pet bird has died in it's cage.the child wanted the bird to be free,just wanted for it to get better before helping it escape the chains.the child stands in the darkest corner of the roof curling and uncurling her toes.for that moment she isn't afraid of that dreaded darkness.she has been freed by the agony caused by the death of her beloved bird.the bird died in captivity and gave her freedom.she promises she will not die to find freedom,she will fight for it while she lives.with her wings she will soar and help break the chains of those who have lost the strength to do it for themselves.

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