Saturday, 10 April 2010

city island

city-short and abrupt and definite
island-exotic unknowable ...and with a silent "s"
written and directed by raymond felitta this is an awesome film.a movie which made me fall in love with it.this has happened so rarely and after a long time.many oscar films i saw,i liked.sometimes the acting was good,sometimes the story,sometimes all.this was a lot.
it's about the rizzo family.a dysfunctional,psychotic family living in city island,bronx with a lot of secrets.
andy garcia as the head of the family,vince rizzo is abosolutely perfect.julianna margulies is his wife,joyce;dominic garcia lorido(his real life daughter) plays his daughter,vivien;ezra miller his son,vince jr. and the real tango is his illegitimate son tony(steven strait).
a beautiful cast.wonderful performances and an absolutely fantastic watch.
emily mortimer as the friend of vincent,molly is like those people who meet us in life to serve only a purpose and they go away without a goodbye as if their being in our lives wasn't bound by hellos and goodbyes is a mild foil to all the craziness going on with the family.tony is just out of jail and he finds the family and its antics crazy.
secret desires and ambition,suspicion and frustration,college life crisis,teenage addictions-all culminate into a melodramatic,heart warming,hilarious revelation of all the secrets at the end.
you will laugh at the right will feel good for a long time after watching it.and it will spoil you for any other movie for awhile.
i have already watched it 4 times.made my best friend watch it,she loved it.and if i could i would go out and promote this movie.doing my bit over here.
a 10 on 10.

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