Friday, 19 March 2010

up in the air

life remember who i am,
life is not consistent.
"you are my someone special",
my life was something to someone beyond me;
i found out that someone was not special.
people lived on earth,found their personal heaven down there.
i was stuck,once happily,up in the air.
well worthy of it's 2010 oscar nomination.this 2009 jason reitman film based on the novel of the same name by walter kirn is about a guy named ryan bingham(george clooney)who lives his life out of a suitcase(literally) and is happy about it.his job is to travel up in the air almost all days of the year to go around firing people.he consults them too and you don't hate him for what he does because he has his heart in it.perhaps the reason why he can't give his heart to anyone else.on one of his travels he meets alex(vera farmiga) and they start a casual relationship.the female counter part of ryan.natalie(anna kendrick) is a young co-worker who goes around with him for a time being in order to gain field experience:how it's like to actually do that job,meeting those people face to face.
the result is not so bright.breaking of hearts,lives,hopes and establishment of the fact that facts are not steady.facts are as inconsistent as life is.
the look on ryan's face when he travels all the way to chicago to meet alex only to find out that she has a family,natalie quitting her job and the voice of ryan at the end stating that as families will lead a normal life he will be flying above them are the moments to watch out for.
accusations,philosophies,ideals,ambition and your perspective to attachments change with the people coming in and going out of your life.
and life is inconsistent.
i give this one 8.5/10.
p.s-it reminded me of the last quote in the book "illusions:adventures of a reluctant messiah" by richard bach which goes something like this-evrything you read in this book may be wrong.(book in question is the messiah's handbook.)

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  1. trivia-there's actually a ryan bingham who is singer/ his songs is the theme song of crazy heart,"the weary kind".