Thursday, 18 March 2010


a bird chirped....chirp chirp.....few decades later came computers...then internet...then websites...then came twitter.
after avoiding it for long i joined it just out of curiosity.what do people do their basically??? answer:it's a mini blog. most celebs update where they are,what project they are working on and how great that is,updates about their upcoming events,blah blah blah....
i heard oprah got bored of it in 2-3 she gives updates about her episodes of the wittiest one is that of shah rukh khan's...the rest-you can live without knowing that they offense and i really like preity but all i get to see in her twitter page most of the time is how busy she is!...priyanka:where she is,what she's doing,yada yada...
i am bored of it in a month.why would anyone want to know when a certain person eats,sleeps,attends some meetings and gets stuck in a traffic!!??
now following news channels can be helpful in keeping one updated but that too only if you are connected to the net most of the time.shahid's updates make little sense to me,kjo promotes his films and anupam kher promotes his acting school.
i wonder how long the twitter craze will remain among people...maybe as long as our obsession with celebs remain....and definitely when trees become a rare spectacle of nature and there are no more newspapers and magazines then....books we will recycle of what is left and put up e-books...the rest we know thanks to the "idea" ads.

P.S- i found a use for twitter.i still don't tell the world when i slept and what i ate (unless it was something yummy) and where i went(haven't been to such an amzing place that i would want to tweet about it).

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