Monday, 29 March 2010

so what do you do then?

how often have you woken up in the morning and thought today is the day i will try to set all the wrongs right?it's going to be a new beginning?i will be more comfortable with other things in my life?i will free myself of all the invisible iron curtains that binds me and separates me from the rest of the world?
i have tried doing all this quite a few times.i have not succeeded much,because every time i think of removing those curtains something comes along and hits me and hurts me.i do not want's easier to go on when things are flitting past like psychedelic lights or going so slow that you do not even feel the change.
telling people exactly how you feel about them or certain things which they think differently about almost always leads to unpleasant moments which you want to avoid.situations which have only one result:misunderstanding.take it all in your stride,eh?
so what do you do then? you stop being who you are,compromise with your beliefs & thoughts & ideals to maintain peace,cower behind a lenient onlooker's facade or stop bothering and keep hurting people and avoid hurting yourself?....or is it being the first one that helps you to avoid hurting yourself?..
so what do you do then?....come down to the selfish action of saving yourself always..that's what we all do.try to survive.lying or cheating,being honest or being indifferent....we survive.understanding,not understanding,trying to understand...we survive.