Wednesday, 17 March 2010

regrets of the ages

you were playing and all of a sudden you and your playmate break into a punch her,she punches lose a regret day you make up.age 5.
you try to open a bottle of coke and your hand slips,hits the glass beside the bottle on the falls on the ground and breaks into a thousand shattered pieces.age regret feel terrible.the pieces can't be glued together.
you have an argument with a love her.but you think she's being mean to you.that's the heat of the moment you say something very mean to regret that later.age might have lost your dear friend forever.
age 19 you still do not know how to control your temper and go on losing one year after another trying to convince someone you need to be who you are in order to be the time being the sands of time are flowing away,blowing away with the regret it.but you can't do anything to change it.
the kind of regrets you have defines who you are.but you are much more than just regrets.

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