Wednesday, 24 March 2010


i am very much in love with movies.i was waiting for something good to write about.i have been watching a new movie every night recently.except the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series which i don't know how many times i have's really hard to keep writing reviews of all the films.i watched the romance of "tristan and isolde",their forbidden love stated that none can die for love never dies.the adventure of the pirates and jack's savvy ways made me cry out "yo ho yo ho yo ho!".and i wanted to be a really bad egg! moved over to "the blindside" and watched sandra's oscar winning role.honestly i wasn't swept away by it.but it was a good performance."the lovely bones" somehow failed to horrify me because of the too light hearted treatment at points of the story of a raped and murdered 14 yr old susie salmon(as in the fish salmon)."changeling" is indubitably jolie's most significant performance(except "girl interrupted" which i have seen and "the mighty heart" which i still haven't).glam,glitz and murder at "the sunset boulevard" was 1hr45mins of my life not wasted watching a classic noir film of the ' wrap things up i got "an education",a coming of age drama with noteworthy performance by carey mulligan.what nights i have spent!!!
p.s-take all you can,give nothing back ladies & gentlemen..savvy? ;-)

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