Tuesday, 16 March 2010

the count of monte cristo

i just now finished watching the 2002 film...chances are that you can feel cheated when you are watching the film adaptation of a book you loved.i understand that for cinematic values some scenes,characters and incidents you loved in the book,which you thought somehow changed the flavour of the story have to be compromised.and if the book is really liked then you will feel bad at those moments.
this film begins with some dramatic fights and revelation of agendas at the very start in order to build the pace and mood of the film.edmund dantes is accused of treason and jailed...as life changes for his loved ones back at home it is shown how edmund changes as a man,as a human in the prison where he is treated like an animal.his naivety gives way to a vengeful outlook which keeps him alive when "god will give me justice" fails to give him relief by death.
"...what makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes..."-this line can sum up the core of the story of the movie.
a meeting with a fellow prisoner and his slow run towards a glorious prison escape...edmund's run across the beach:a run of freedom is the key to a turning point in his life & luck from there on.
true in essence of the actual story this movie was surely entertaining with the style of 40's and technique of recent times.jim caviezel as edmund and guy pearce as ferdnand were good.i liked luis guzman and richard harris who had smaller roles.
i find it very hard to rate films.i give this one a 7.5 out of 10.purely because i felt something was missing.i suggest you rather read the book.


  1. that is some suggestion,considering the fact that the person penning this blog hasnt had the patience to finish the book! but that aside.....i dont greatly differ from your rating.just a scene i would like to mention...when he says that he cant sleep on the bed after years of languishing on prison floors.there is a bitter sense of sarcasm there.perhaps cliched but it does leave a mark.

  2. fyi i had the misfortune of finding the abridged version of the book only.i couldn't finish it.so watched the film first instead since i had it.i will read the unabridged one soon.

    1. and i just thought i should put it here (though no one will perhaps ever read this) that i have read it.