Thursday, 30 April 2015

Women In Leadership

So, I talk about equal opportunity and equal rights quite often on this blog and my other social media channels. I have identified as a feminist ever since I was in school. Feminism is a cool word now. Just look around and see how many mainstream channels are adopting it to sell their products now. It is also deemed a dirty word and many like to stay away from it because some people just have a severely misinformed notion about it. Many of these mainstream channels, which are often misguided in their knowledge, help in fanning such wrong notions. Feminism is not about man-hating. Feminism in fact fights for equality and justice among all genders. Men are expected to be a certain way, and do certain things in this patriarchal society which is often detrimental to their mental and physical health. A society cannot function well when any of the genders suffer. Today feminism is largely about intersectionality as well.
I have heard a lot of arguments from people (some level headed, some just fizzled down to name calling) who believe all the bad things about feminism. From what I understood every time, these people are either misinformed or talking about personal experiences with the faux-feminists. The faux-feminists are the ones who love shouting "equal rights" without caring to understand the actual meaning. But, I do not understand, why form your opinion about an entire movement that has done so much good (and still is doing so)  based on your personal experience with a certain bad egg? If you are a religious person, would you change your opinion about it and God in general just because that one time a holy man was accused of raping women and little boys? Would you stop believing in religion because some people choose to completely twist the holy words and use it to unleash terror in the world?

Feminism is the reason women got the right to be deemed as human beings with rational thoughts. We got the right to vote, to property. And all this culminated into a world where seeing a woman in a leadership position is a possibility. Women have reached the top in almost every field. The situation is not so good in some countries. Women have an amazingly strong support system now all across the globe. There are entrepreneurs who have successfully started their own ventures from their very own homes and gone big. Social media has helped such ventures like it couldn't be imagined before. I can count myself as one such person. I own a website and my words reach out to so many people, all thanks to social media. But, even today jokes about women leaders persist. Stereotypes about women leaders still need to be crushed. If you believe feminism is not necessary in today's world any more, to create a space for women leaders then just head over to this blog to read about Shit People Say to Women Directors.We need to fight for a tomorrow where women do not need to exist through patriarchal bargaining or suffering or unjust name calling. 

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

L'oreal Paris Skin Perfect Expert Skin Care Range Review

L'oreal Paris India, sent over their recently launched range of Skin Perfect Skin Care Range (20+, 30+, 40+) almost a month ago. But, as you guys know we were busy redoing the whole blog and every scheduled post got delayed. I just had to get the blog makeover out of my system first. Well good thing is that I got to use the product for almost a month before reviewing it for you. I have been using the 20+ cream and will be reviewing it in a subsequent post.

Loreal Skin Perfect Review

Essentially, each cream in this range is personalised to deal with the specific skin related issues we face at different decades of our lives. Each cream is equipped to give visible results within 4 weeks of use. The superior Vitamin 3x Technology used in this range will help fortify and replenish the vitality of your skin and give you healthy looking skin. Each product comes in 18gm tube form as well as 50gm cream tubs.

Loreal Skin Perfect Review

Age 20+ is a day cream which is accompanied with a cleansing foam. It has perlite which effects the complexion of the skin and makes it lighter, and salicylic acid that helps keep pimples and acne at bay. Priced at - INR99 for 18gm tube, INR325 for 50gm tub, INR105 for cleanser. 
Primary purpose - Anti-Imperfections+Whitening.

Age 30+ is a moisturising cream which is accompanied with a cleansing foam. It contains collagen to combat with fine lines that start appearing in your thirties. Priced at - INR149 for 18gm tube, INR425 for 50gm tub, INR135 for cleanser. 
Primary purpose - Anti-Fine Line+Whitening.

Age 40+ helps with the skin problems caused by ageing. It is packed with Pro-Retinol A which helps combat wrinkles and revitalises the skin. Priced at - INR595 for 50gm tub. 
Primary purpose - Anti-Ageing+Whitening.

My Thoughts
I am really bad at maintaining a skin care routine. I start enthusiastically, but then I stop after a few days. But, I like using creams that gives my skin a non-zombie appearance before leaving the house. So, BB creams and day cream types are right up my alley. My mother has gorgeous skin even post 50, with just minor fine lines here and there. And all the good features my parents have had me convinced when I was a kid, that I must have been adopted. Coming to the product at hand. These pots are simply designed. The tubs are made of glass with simple golden plastic lids. You can always use the tube versions first for trial purposes. I do find the fact that all of these creams are tagged "whitening" as potentially problematic. But, then again plenty of products in the Indian market are tagged the same to cater to the fair skin obsession of Indians. However, the Age 20+ cream has been a good enough day cream so far. It gives a light sheen to my face. And I quite like the slightly floral smell it has. More about that in a detailed review will be coming up shortly.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fringed Kimono

This is the kimono I got from Dressin. I wrote about them *here*. I have fancied owning a kimono cardigan for a while. Kimonos tend to make me look bulkier. But, I decided it's high time I just got one. 
There are a lot of rules for dressing up a woman's body. The rules are more restrictive for fat bodies. The clothing, according to mainstream fashion dictats, should not be too revealing and neither should it be too misshapen/oversized. One runs the risk of exposing fat rolls with revealing clothes, and god forbid anyone sees those. The horror that would unleash, right? *yawns with sarcasm* And clothing that makes you look bulkier is also a complete no-no. Because, God forbid if we look fatter than what we already are!
So, I gave up my inhibitions and wore the kimono in all it's glory. It was too damn hot that day so I had to keep my outfit simple. But, nothing really beats the blue jeans and white tee combo. I got these round sunglasses for just a 100 INR. Well it was a gift. I am on my way to owning a collection that will soon consist of nothing but round sunglasses. 

The thing is, the grunge loving bohemian heart of mine loves unironed, oversized clothing. There is a lot of appeal in asymmetric and deconstructed clothing. These design details can make even the simplest of clothes highly interesting. Probably why I am such a fan of Yohji Yamamoto's designs.

Photos c/o - Anupriya DG

Fringe Kimono Cape - c/o Dressin
And this is the pullover I got, but the size being a bit too small I gave it away to a sister of mine - Paris Eiffel Tower Pullover

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