Thursday, 16 April 2015

Don't You Honey Me

Terms of endearment. Such a misnomer. They have always made me cringe. I am an Indian, so being called sweetheart, dear, honey, by our parents was not a common thing growing up. These words are, just like plenty of other things, a foreign export. I have nothing against Western concepts being assimilated into our society. Mutual exchange of customs has always been a norm. And globalisation has only helped speed the process. The more we are alike in terms of the good things, the better. The world will be a better place. No, we won't lose our identities if we let go of some of our more backward traditions. Negatives do not define us. Positives do. But, when we are exporting certain cultural things from anywhere in the world, we are also exporting the history associated with them. Nothing really exists without precedence. I am simply tired of reminding people that I do not like being called "dear" and "honey". There even exists a Bengali term of endearment that is spoken with the same tone of faux familiarity and a hint of condescension as these English words. That famous term is "babu". Older people calling me that is fine (does that make me a practitioner of ageism somehow?). But, really when a peer calls me that it's an absolute no-no. Terms of endearment are mostly used by people who tend to habitually use them while talking to pretty much everyone they know. I once knew a girl (who is happily married now) in my UG class who said the word "babu" so often, she once called a professor that, by mistake of course. You get the picture right? If a loved one, in a truly endearing way calls me any of these terms, I will still cringe because of my past and ongoing experience with these words. They all seem seeped in dubious hypocrisy and insincere candour. They try to forge a forced bond of familiarity between the speaker and the one spoken to, no matter whether their encounter lasts 5 minutes or continues sporadically over decades. 

I have been trying to find out if my sentiments are echoed around the world or if there is just something wrong with me. I have compiled a list of articles you might be interested in reading on this issue and gain some perspective.

  1. DON’T Call Me Dear!
  2. Don't patronise me, Darling
  3. Frankly, my dear: Why Terms of Endearment are Not Ok
  4. I'm not your honey, darling, sweetheart, dear, ducky, or any other diminutive creature
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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bed Head TIGI India

As of 5th April, 2015, I have officially bid goodbye to good old fly songbird. That doesn't mean I have left behind my free flying days. A name change was needed. I have considered changing the name of the blog ever since it became a fashion and lifestyle blog as opposed to just being a personal blog where I wrote about everything that knocked at my brain. I have always maintained that a blog needs to stick to it's niche(it's very easy to say yes to brands who will pay you or give you lucrative freebies). Quality over quantity, people. And I have stuck to mine and an appropriate name was necessary. I have thought of names for years on and off. I have thought of buying a domain and redesigning the look of the blog on and off. But, always put it off for tomorrow. Always thinking I am still learning how to blog better and making mistakes here and there. This March my blogging journey completed a whole 5 years. And I put my foot down. I had to get my big ass moving and get all the changes done. The new look is simple and clean with a hint of colour and calligraphy, a good combo of everything I love in design, and life in general. Project Curve does not signify only the curves of a body, even though every curve and plane of a woman's body is celebrated here. This is a no body snark, only body love zone. And it will always remain so. But, this curve I speak of, signifies also the curve of life. The journey to anywhere is mired in following a lot bendy roads, there are seldom any straight lanes that take us to our destination. The curves make it fun. I have plans of launching a new segment soon. But, my "soons" are longer than your "soons".

How many of you have used and love TIGI products? It is a hugely popular hair product range abroad. When I had just started discovering hair products that can do wonders to my otherwise straight hair, TIGI was one of the first brands I wanted to try. So, when it became available online a few years back (all heavens bless online shopping!) I was a very happy girl. But, I have even better news for all you city dwellers. TIGI will now be available in Calcutta, exclusively in select salons all over the city. Their Bead Head and S-factor ranges are coming to town. I was invited to the product launch event for a one-on-one styling session. I got into a tête–à–tête session with TIGI creative expert, Rohit Solanki as he styled my hair.

Bed Head TIGI

Q. What's the difference between the Bed Head and S-factor ranges?
Rohit ~ S-factor is more of a high end, luxury range. Whereas Bed Head is for the young at heart, the more spirited ones.

Q. Which city in India has the more experimental crowd in terms of hair styling?
Rohit ~ Bangalore for sure. It is not like the other cities. It is like a hub.

Q. How would you rate the Calcutta crowd?
Rohit ~ Most people in cities like Calcutta, Chennai and even Delhi love their lengths. They like a particular look. They are much more conservative.

Q. But, would you say the younger generation is moving away from conservative style choices now?
Rohit ~ Definitely. There has been a huge shift in the past few years, the young generation is definitely more aware of international trends. India and China especially are growing markets.

Q. Why are the TIGI products only available at salons?
Rohit ~ Well, the TIGI products are like medicine for your hair and the salon experts are like hair doctors. You should buy the products you need only after you know how to use them.

Q. Okay, I have always wanted to go really short with an asymmetric bob. How short should I go?
Rohit ~ The front layer should touch your shoulders and back should cover your neck. That would create the right frame for your face.

Well that's it guys. Hope you got a little insight. Next time you ask your hair stylist to spare your hair length, know that you are just being a true desi. 
TIGI Products used on my hair - Hard Head hair spray for strong hold and a subtle shine. Manipulator gunk for texture. And Head Rush mist spray for a sheen. It smelled so exotic.
I loved the glamorous curls. It lasted for a whole day and some more. Almost made me want to go in for a boudoir shoot.

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Accessories To Lust Over

A good piece of accessory is something I can lust over. A piece of clothing may look great on someone I adore, but make me look like a potato. Accessories are definitely more versatile, one-size-fits-all bundles of joy. A single piece of accessory can show off your personality and distinguish between two people wearing the same dress. I have made a lust list for your pleasure. Ogle, enjoy and buy them if you love. They are all from this extremely affordable website called Dresslink. They have a whole range of things from women's wear, kid's wear, bags, shoes as well as DIY decoration items like studs and rivets. I found a Harry Potter themed bracelet and necklace there. That's a definite win in my book.

1. Steampunk Pocket Watch Pendant 2. Statement Layered Necklace 3. Deathly Hallows/Snitch Bracelet 4. Lolita Inspired Heart Shaped Sunglasses (you love, right?) 5. Snitch Shaped Pocket Watch Necklace 6. Floral Snapback

We are moving to a new address. This will effectively be the last post on this blog address. I have spent a good 5 years right here. It's time to move on now. Wish me luck with the transition. And see you on the other side.
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